7 September 2020

Ted & Milly – Forever foster home found

By FOAW staff
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Look at this pair of gorgeous oldies!  Ted and Milly are looking for a LONG TERM FOSTER HOME as they are both at least 8 years old and have on-going medical issues.  Long term fostering means that FOAW will pay all their vet fees and provide monetary help towards travel costs to vet visits, but you will fund their day to day rabbity needs and must have access to a car so that you are able to take them to any vet appointments they may need.  

We certainly think these two have a good few years left in them!  They are both full of fun and are thoroughly enjoying life together. 

Milly is happy to sit on a lap and be stroked and brushed – she’ll grind her teeth with happiness and even give you a groom if she thinks you need one.  Ted doesn’t mind a stroke either.  They both love free roaming round the garden with Milly usually running off exploring and Ted sedately wandering around after her!  They are excellent hay eaters and are experts in rolling treat balls to get nuggets out.  They will both come running up if they spot a human – for love of course, nothing to do with the off chance there might be a treat! 

Milly is a very determined escape artist!  There’s no skill involved – if she decides she wants to get somewhere, she’ll simply jump or barge her way through!  Ted just watches her go…. He knows she’ll be back for a snuggle when she’s investigated enough.  These two met each other in later life and Ted didn’t have such a settled life as Milly so he’s a bit more quiet and wary.  However, Milly is showing him how to find his inner rabbit now that they are together and we think he will continue to blossom in his forever foster home.

So, let’s talk about their health issues.  At 8 years old, they are both actually pretty fit and healthy and their medical issues are well under control.  Ted has arthritis and has daily Metacam, with Milly having daily eyedrops for dry eyes.  Medication costs are covered by FOAW – all you have to do is administer and both are good patients not making a fuss with their daily treatments.  A careful eye needs to be kept on Ted’s coat, particularly around his rear end as, due to his arthritis, he has problems reaching some of his nether regions!  And while Milly has litter training ‘down to a T’, old boy Ted isn’t quite there so it’s puppy pads to the rescue.  Both are fully vaccinated and neutered.

Foster Mum absolutely adores this wonderful pair but she knows there is a special home out there who can give them the love and care they deserve in their twilight years. 

If you think you can give Ted and Milly the forever foster home they deserve, please complete a Fostering Form by clicking this link: FOSTERING FORM