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Apple is a beautiful 4 year old beagle with no known health issues that has recently been rescued from a puppy farm. She is desperate to trust people but currently is a bit unsure of the world so sticks with the other dogs in her foster home for support. She is such a gentle soul who with time and patience will turn into a typical cheeky beagle. She has already worked out when it’s feeding time and sits and waits (at a distance) for her food, and is much more comfortable with her foster carer. Apple loves the other dogs and wags her tail when they try and play with her

Apple is a puppy farm dog who sadly hasn’t had lots of interaction with people or been in a home setting so understandably she is shy and nervous. She has such a gentle nature and she will let you stroke her but currently prefers to be with the other dogs so any prospective owner should have experience of dealing with puppy farm dogs to give her the time and space to gain her confidence. She would suit a home with older children or adults only

Apple loves the other dogs in her foster home as they give her so much confidence. She will need at least one resident dog in her new home. She has started to play with the others and explore the garden so is getting braver every day. Apple travels well in a car, she is currently too timid to go on walks so will need to gain confidence before this is attempted as if she’s scared, she could try and bolt which is too risky for a puppy farm dog so she is currently being lead trained in the house and garden. A secure garden is going to be a must for Apple to explore and gain confidence with her new family.

Apple currently lives with a cat and ignores him totally

Apple is a timid soul who needs someone home the majority of the day to encourage her confidence and get her used to being a loved pet. She is a typical beagle and is already figuring out where treats are kept and which is the food cupboard so any new owners ideally would be beagle experienced as we don’t think it will be long before she is much more confident and beagles can be very food motivated. Apple doesn’t currently know what toys are and needs time to get used to her new world outside the puppy farm

Apple is a wonderful dog whose cheeky nature is already poking through the scared exterior. She can live with male or female dogs, is fine with cats and can be left for short periods but would be best suited to a home where someone is around for most of the day as she needs to grow in confidence with her forever humans and have lots of positive experiences with them. Apple is going to make the gentlest girl for someone, she just needs time and patience and someone to teach her the outside world is so much better than the puppy farm she’s known all her life

Potential adopters would need to travel to Crewe to meet Apple

Apple comes with free 5 week Agria insurance

Neutered female 4 years old

Needs another dog for company but is fine with cats

Older children and someone who ideally works from home

Beagle and puppy farm knowledgeable family

Up to date flea, wormer and is microchipped.