18 June 2023

Sprocket *****ADOPTED****

By Emma
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Sprocket D2023-65

            * To be adopted on a neutering and training agreement

            * Needs a young confident resident dog of a similar size

            * Older dog savvy children

            * Fine with dog savvy cats

            * Patient large breed knowledgeable home

Sprocket is an 7 month old big baby of an Old English Sheepdog. Currently he is a shy and scared little big boy who has already in his 7 months of life gone through a lot. He looks to the resident dogs and his foster dad for reassurance in his daily life. He is not going to bond straight away this is going to need to be built up in his own time. The right resident dog is going to play a BIG part in his happy forever after.

He has been good with people he knows in the home but will not choose to come to you until he can totally trust you. He has been enjoying playing with the other dogs and this has been helping him see that human interaction is good. He adores his resident dogs and follows them everywhere.

As a big scared puppy, he can be rehomed with older dog savvy children.

He pays no attention to the resident cat and acknowledges other dogs and gives a sniff but doesn’t interact

He is used to wearing a lead and will wear a harness but currently will not go for a walk outside of the garden. He is going to need to build his confidence in the home with his new family and fur siblings before venturing out into the big wide world. This is going to need to be done at his pace.

Sprocket currently sleeps where he wants be it on the settee, dog bed in kitchen or in humans bedroom but he doesn’t like being alone unless it’s in his safe place.

House training is a work in progress. He will toilet outside if you take him out and will pace around when he needs to go but he won’t come back in readily and it takes a while to get him in. Following the other dogs and being rewarded helps with this but there may be occasions where you need patience. When he is scared, he will toilet where he is. This is not his fault and will improve, he needs time and a loving family.

Sprocket doesn’t really eat treats but does like the occasional digestive biscuit. Sprocket needs a home with a young resident patient dog of a similar size who can show him the ropes. A family that has knowledge and experience of his breed and big dogs who can be patient and watch this big baby blossom into the puppy he should be. He is growing in confidence every day and makes his foster dad proud with how he’s changing but this is going to take time and patience.

To be adopted on a neutering and training agreement.

Vaccinated, Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer.

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance.

Fostered in Gloucester.