18 June 2023

Shrimp ****ADOPTED****

By Emma
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Shrimp D2022-68

  • Needs a resident dog
  • Fine with cats
  • Children 10 and over
  • Owners home most of the time

Shrimp is a 5 year old Mini Dachshund and described by her foster mum as a little shadow. she follows her everywhere and will wait by the garden gate for her if she goes out. She enjoys being stroked and cuddled by all her foster family, but foster mum is her favourite! Shrimp loves being curled up on your lap, she snuggles down and gives lots of those special nose boops and kisses.

She has met people at her foster family’s home and at foster Nanna’s home, and has been very interested in meeting them all! She will approach them, and after a good sniff will put her little paws up on their legs for a fuss! Foster mum has always been present, and Shrimp looks frequently to her for reassurance.
Shrimp hasn’t been walked outside the garden as not fully vaccinated.

She has just started to join in the zoomie chases with the resident dogs, and with shouting at the postman! She loves being in the garden and will happily lie on the grass chewing an antler for ages. She enjoys sniffing and exploring in and outside, and whoever is cooking has a willing taste tester by their side! Her little tail wags away when she’s having a fuss, or being spoken to, she’s an absolute sweetheart.

Shrimp will happily share space, and walk past her foster family’s dog savvy cat, paying him no attention at all.
Not small furry tested.

Shrimp could live with children over 10yrs, who would be able to understand her needs.

Shrimp loves to play with soft dog toys, especially a crinkly donkey! She will choose which one she wants and trot of to have a chew. She’s starting to join play with the resident dogs, running after a toy, and a bit of gentle rough play!

Shrimp will happily wear a collar, harness and lead. She walks beautifully on lead and has been practicing in the garden. She also travels well by car with a harness and dog seat belt.

She sleeps in In a soft dog bed at the side of foster parent’s bed.

Shrimp has had no accidents inside her foster house, she has taken herself out to toilet, but has not asked to be let out. She sleeps all night with no accidents.

Shrimp absolutely loves eating! She already knows the feeding routine at her foster home, and will come running into the kitchen for the group 11AM treat! She is learning to wait her turn with a gentle but firm ‘wait’ command and flat palm gesture, and is learning very quickly. She eats her meals separately from the resident dogs at present.

Shrimp needs a home with another dog and will thrive in a home with someone around most of the time. Routine and a quieter home would build on Shrimp’s growing confidence, she would be stressed by a very hectic, busy environment, and definitely needs a home where cuddles are always available!


1st Vaccs, microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet Insurance

Fostered in Pen Y Cae, Powys