27 September 2022

Slushie ****ADOPTED****

By Emma
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Slushie D2022-138

*Only Dog or can live with a similar size confident dog

* Can live with older teenage children

* No cats or small furries

*Breed experience would be a bonus

*Understanding and patient pawrents

Slushie is an 18 month old French Bulldog described by her foster mum as a little goofball with love to give in spades! She loves playing with her toys as well as stealing your blanket, tea towel, laundry etc to play with! She’s been through a lot in her little life and as a consequence she does get worried about certain noises and people but she gets a little better with this everyday and with the right support in the right home she’ll definitely make big progress. If you’re looking for a little dog to be your shadow, look no further.

Veterinary history to be discussed

Slushie prefers women to men as a general rule and she’s likely to be scared for a few seconds upon a first meeting but once she’s had a chance to smell you, she’ll likely want to climb into your lap. She gets very afraid of men entering a room she’s in, especially if it’s a man she doesn’t know. This can lead to her showing some fear aggression. She has never actually bitten anyone but if the person she’s afraid of doesn’t respect her space I can see how that might happen out of pure fear. Once she trusts someone, she forms an incredibly strong bond with them and want to cuddle and be by their side all the time.

She hasn’t met children inside her foster home. She has encountered children and infants out on walks and seems incredibly curious about them. However, given her concerns around strangers we recommend she isn’t homed with children. Sensible older teens with dog experience may be okay.

No Cats or small furries.

Slushie is generally well behaved at home. She sleeps well in her crate at night (she’d prefer the bed but she can’t be trusted with foster mums cats). She’s about 90% with her house training and just needs patients new pawrents who will help get her that last little bit. She is very cheeky and doesn’t have a lot of manners around food. We’ve been working with her on this but she can still be a bit naughty if you have something tasty that she fancies. Mostly, she just wants to be involved in whatever you’re doing.

Slushie walks wonderfully on the lead. She likes to stay close by but is gaining confidence to have a sniff around by herself. On the few occasions it’s been safe to have her off the lead she walked to heel 95% of the time with very little prompting. When she did wander farther, her recall was excellent. However, her reactivity to dogs and people means that she will need to be lead walked most of the time and we recommend she is only let off in a secure field.

Slushie needs a home with people who above all have patience. She’s come a very long way but she’s still a work in progress and needs a home she can learn to feel safe in. She needs access to a secure outdoor space she can play in as she generally can’t be off lead in public. She struggles with steps so very tall houses would be very difficult for her to navigate (a bungalow would be perfect but otherwise just one storey). She needs her humans to be around for most of the day. She can be left for a few hours but mostly just wants to be with her people. Adopters with breed experience would definitely be a plus.

Slushie isn’t able to keep up with long walks so wouldn’t be ideal as a dog to take hiking for instance. She’s been so brave throughout her journey in foster and is now desperately searching for a warm lap and the happily ever after she so deserves.


1st vaccs, Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered in Cardiff