14 February 2021

Sheila. *****ADOPTED****

By FOAW staff
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Sheila  REF:D2021-28

 Neutering agreement

Dog savvy children 10 and over

Active family

Calm resident dog

Sheila the Lurcher is a stunning 15 week old bundle of fun! She is super friendly, energetic and a big gangly goofball!! She loves everyone and everything! She is inquisitive and intelligent and has already picked up the simple commands of sit and paw. She’s interested in snuffle and puzzle toys which help to keep her calm and busy.

Sheila is generally a calm, quiet dog but becomes very vocal when she is bored and wants to play. She has moments of puppy madness when all she wants to do is zoomies around the garden and play fetch and tug of war! She will start to mouth and bite but once distracted with a chew toy or soft toy it stops. As well as wanting to play, Sheila is also a cuddle bunny and likes nothing more than snuggling next to you and sometimes on top of you on the sofa! Saying this sometimes she likes to take herself off to find a spot to relax

Sheila greets everyone like her long lost friend but does have the tendency to have an excited wee! Hopefully this is something she will grow out of. She loves all attention whether it’s a pet on the head, a tummy tickle or a full on cuddle!

Sheila loves children and has a lovely bond with my 12 year old daughter. However, she is very bouncy and excitable and may knock a small child over in her enthusiasm so a home with older dog savvy children is required.

Sheila is very sociable and is friendly when meeting other dogs. She is friendly with the other dog in my house, even when it’s not reciprocated!  Sheila would like the company of another, older calmer dog to show her the ropes and keep her entertained.

We wouldn’t recommend homing Sheila with cats or small furries

Sheila is house trained and will sit or paw at the door when wanting to go out. She is crate trained and goes to bed with little fuss and sleeps all night. She is not destructive but enjoys ragging her soft toy duck and chewing on toys but hasn’t destroyed them (yet!) but she’s a bit of a sneak and will try pinching a pen or make up brush for example to have a little chew on! However, she will usually swap for a higher value toy and if not, will let you take it out of her mouth without any aggression.

She eats kibble twice a day, some of which I keep back to put in her snuffle blanket or puzzle toy and she enjoys a treat or two! She hasn’t been in foster long so hasn’t been left but she does cry when one of us goes out or upstairs without her.

Sheila walks pretty well on a lead, she sometimes tries chewing the lead if she sees it but can usually be distracted. She will love to be let off lead so she will need recall training.

Sheila deserves an active, loving home with owners who are prepared to continue with her training and will take time to stimulate and play with her. She is still a puppy so does try to bite when excited and can be vocal to get attention so needs consistency to learn manners and acceptable behaviour. Dog savvy children 10 and over and a sensible resident dog who will show her the ropes but will also play with her. Whoever has her will be lucky to have the sweetest, friendliest, goofiest little pup.

Comes with a neutering agreement

Vaccinated. Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered in South Wales