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Reference D2021-22

Children 10 and over

Needs a calm resident dog

Owners home most of the time

Amy is a 2 year old Hunterway who is very shut down, scared and nervous but behind that is a beautiful, gentle girl. She is gradually learning a whole new routine of living in a house and is getting braver every day. She loves having a cosy bed or a comfy chair to sleep on and loves having a bowl of food all of her own. She loves to play in the garden with the other dogs and is starting to wag her tail more and more with each passing day. With consistent, gentle encouragement and a lot of patience, Amy will be a wonderful, happy pet.

Amy gets on well with other dogs in her foster home, but prefers to be on her own. She has tried to play with one of the other dogs and runs around the garden with them. She would like the company of one other confident dog. Amy is not cat or small furries tested.

Amy is not completely housetrained as she is too scared to ask to go out but will always go and toilet in the garden when the door is open. Amy prefers to stay in an open crate and uses it as her safe place. She likes to be in the same room as her human and will curl up on a chair in the living room in the evening. Amy has shown no signs of destruction or aggression. She if very fearful but wags her tail and loves mealtimes. She is not protective of her food but does prefers to eat away from the other dogs. Amy has hardly been left, but does whines when she is left. An hour is the most she has ever been left. She is not interested in playing with humans, other dogs or toys yet. She will take a treat from a hand and is very gentle.

Amy will need a lot of kindness, confidence and patience to teach her to feel safe on a lead. She currently just freezes and has to be carried. She has only been out to go to the vet and her new owner will need to continue with lead training. She is quiet in the car, mainly due to fear.

Amy would benefit from a calm home where someone is home most of the time. She will need calm and consistent reassurance and a lot of patience to help her overcome her fears. She would like to have a calm and confident dog to help her learn home is a safe place and she needs a garden that is secure and big enough for her to run around in and explore.


1st vaccination

Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in South Wales

Amy Comes with 5 weeks free Agria Pet Insurance.