19 July 2021

Saffy. ****ADOPTED***

By Emma
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Can live with other cats

Can live with dogs with careful introductions

Sensible children

Could be an indoor as long as she has lots of company

She also likes access to the outdoor with her forever family

Saffy is an incredibly sweet 7 year old who loves company and adores fusses. She is an unusual silver grey and white colour that really stands out. After getting to know her foster home she has become foster mum’s shadow and flops down wherever foster mum is and loves watching TV in the evenings on the arm of the sofa next to her. She is the perfect cat for someone wanting a loving, friendly companion.

Unusually for a cat she will often come when called, but expects lots of attention after putting in that effort! She has just started to explore the garden a little, but shows no intention of wandering far from her home comforts. She also gets on well with the other cats in her foster home. She is very clean and loves her biscuits, sometimes a little too much! She is on restricted amounts and has already lost a little weight, but this needs to continue.

Saffy would be fine with other cats and probably dogs too as she doesn’t react to the dogs barking in the neighbourhood as long as introductions are carefully handled.

Saffy is super sensitive on her mid to lower back and if you touch her there, she stress licks her front legs. This has been fully vet checked and they believe it is a learned behaviour rather than anything more sinister. She isn’t brushed due to this reason.  

Any children in the household would need to understand that she doesn’t enjoy being touched in these areas. She is a confident lady and not easily spooked so a busy household wouldn’t necessarily bother her.

Saffy could easily be an indoor cat as she only comes in the garden to be with her foster family and always wants fusses. As soon as you are near, she meows asking for attention. She would like a home with someone around for company as she just wants to be with them.

Saffy has no quirky traits, she is just a super chilled lady who is happy. She is also good with bunnies and happily shares her garden with them.

Neutered Female

Vaccinated, Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in the South Wales area

Saffy comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance