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Frankie D2021-105


Can be an only dog

Flat face experience needed

Happy with sensible dog savvy children

No cats

Owners home most of the time

Frankie is a loveable 5 year old French Bulldog who is described by his foster mum as a gentle giant of a Frenchie! She loves her food, her chew toy and her daily walks. She is a people dog and loves to snuggle on the sofa. She doesn’t realise her size and will try her best to be a lap dog so you may end up getting squashed!! She can be a typically needy Frenchie and will paw at you to pet her and follow you around the house! She is usually impeccably behaved and can be left to have the run of the downstairs without the worry of destroying anything.

Frankie is toilet trained and has never had an accident in the house. She will paw at the door if she wants to go out. She usually waits for her morning and eve walks to poo so rarely messes in the garden! She has a few quirks in that she likes digging in the garden and doesn’t like being left alone and will howl initially but settles quickly and finds somewhere to sleep.

She initially barks at new people but very quickly they become her new best friend! She’s a very gentle dog and is happy to be handled. Frankie would fit very easily into many types of homes as she just craves the love and attention she deserves. She has been a delight to foster and I will miss her greatly.

Frankie came to me with skin allergies and is taking 2x antihistamines a day. She is also on a grain free diet which has really helped. Her breathing is also poor and she’s been confirmed as a suitable candidate for boas which the charity will pay for.

She is scared of the bath but will let you lift her in and out without any issues. She needs her ears cleaned and to have drops in them but she hates them and will run as soon as she sees the bottle.  

Frankie came from a family with children and has met lots in her time with her foster family. I think she would be fine with children of all ages as she’s generally quite a calm dog.

Frankie is an only dog within her foster family but has gone on walk with friend’s dogs and has shown little reaction. She usually walks well on a lead but can sometimes pull with excitement when she sees other dogs She’s a little bit mixed on walks. For the majority of time she is calm and meets other dogs politely but on occasion can get over excited and bark until they meet.

She hasn’t been tested with a cat in the home but has gone to chase a neighbour’s cat.

Frankie currently sleeps on her own in the kitchen on her bed with a stair gate across the door. She sleeps throughout the night with no fuss although she needs bribing with a treat to get her into the kitchen from the sofa!

She eats a mixture of dry and wet grain free food (for her allergies) twice a day and enjoys grain free/natural treats.
She’s not destructive at all (apart from chewing a pencil once!) and like to chew on chew toys. She gets too excitable to play with her ball at the moment as it affects her breathing too much, but it’s something I know she will enjoy hopefully after her operation. She’s not food or toy aggressive.

Frankie travels well in the car. Frankie has been good at the vets.

Frankie would love a home where she would be the princess and get lots of fuss and attention but also have space to have time on her own. She would love a garden to potter around and play fetch in. She needs a person or family that understand and takes into consideration her flat face needs and allergies. She enjoyins her twice daily walks but due to her breathing and the hot weather at the moment can only walk for short distances so families who like to go on long hikes wouldn’t be suitable for her.
Frankie will be a perfect dog for the right family.

Neutered Female

Vaccinated, Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Needs Boas surgery which is now booked

Fostered in Cardiff area of South Wales

Frankie comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance


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