24 January 2020

ADOPTED Roxie – BFF & Forever Home found

By FOAW staff
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We’re putting money on that Roxie will be the softest rabbit you have ever touched and possibly the most beautiful you’ve seen.

Foster Mum says she is a real sweetheart.  If you sit down with her, she loves to climb all over you. She will ask for pats but is still unsure if there is an arm coming to pick her up. She loves food, particularly her hay, and is a good litter box user. She also loves to be on top of her houses and is often found sleeping on top of them.

Roxie is very inquisitive about the world around her and she so deserves a friend to do her exploring with in her perfect forever home.  She is spayed and her vaccinations are all up to date.

If you and your (neutered) boy bun think you can give this lovely girl her perfect forever home, please fill in the adoption link below: Adoption Form