24 January 2020

Cherry & Valerie – Forever home found

By FOAW staff
Cherry & Valerie2
Cherry & Valerie1
Cherry & Valerie3
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Our Cherry is a very friendly and cheeky little fella. He keeps Foster Mum on her toes with his antics – if there’s an opportunity to jump on the roof of his hutch and make a bid for freedom in the garden, he takes it! He is very people friendly and is just basically adorable. 

A local Vet took Valerie in as a stray and asked us to take her after no owner came forward. She was quite aggressive when she first came in, but calmed down a little once she was spayed.  Foster Mum was quite nervous about trying to bond her with another rabbit but, luckily for her, Valerie had her sights set on the easy going Cherry and one night dug her way into his run and they bonded themselves! To be fair, our gorgeous boy didn’t stand a chance… he had been ‘cherrypicked’ by one very determined lady! 

Six months on and, with the influence of an easy going BFF Cherry and a very patient and loving Foster Mum, Valerie has settled down even more. She’s comfortable to be stroked and is happy to be hand fed. If there’s food on offer, she’ll run around feet enthusiastically! With the time, love and patience of her very own human in her forever home, Foster Mum is certain Valerie will continue to get more calm and friendly.

They are both coming up to two years old, fully vaccinated, neutered/spayed and healthy.

If you think you could give our beautiful bonded pair, Cherry & Valerie, their perfect forever home, please fill in the adoption link below: Adoption Form