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Polly is a 9 year old Jack cross Pug and is very person oriented. She loves to follow you around the house, sit by you on the couch or have cuddles on your lap. She is incredibly affectionate and would let you brush her for hours. She is amazing in the house and hasn’t had a single accident. She likes to do her business in the privacy of her garden rather than out on a walk.

Polly needs to live with another dog as this is what she is used to but would prefer an older dog that will give her space when needed. Polly is currently overweight and will need to stay on a weight and exercise plan in her forever home, but luckily she loves her walks so this isn’t a chore.

Polly needs someone who is home most of the day as she has started to show signs of separation anxiety which is probably due to all the changes she has experienced in a short space of time. She needs someone willing to give her time and affection. She is such a lovely character and has slotted into her foster home effortlessly as she is such a lovely little lady.

Polly loves people but would prefer a quiet adult only house. She hasn’t been tested with children in foster but doesn’t react to them on walks. She is very friendly and will sometimes sniff a passing dog and other times not. Sometimes she is too focused on her human to even notice dogs.

Polly hasn’t been cat tested in foster.

Polly is fully housetrained and can be left for a few hours. She may whine when left alone even if left in the company of another dog. She is not food aggressive but does occasionally need encouragement to eat, and after being hand fed a few biscuits she tucks straight in. She likes a little bit of warm water on her biscuits to slightly soften them. Polly currently sleeps at the end of the bed in foster, after so many changes she needed connection. But I think she would be fine sleeping in a bed on the floor.

Polly is brilliant on walks, she is very attentive and responsive to the lead. She does have a tendency to zigzag and walk very close to your legs so she wouldn’t be suitable for someone with mobility issues.  She also loves going in the car and gets very excited about sticking her head out of the window.

She was an absolute star at the vet’s and didn’t even need me to go inside with her.
She’s happiest when getting attention or with her person. She’s a great companion when tidying and cleaning the house.

Polly will need a garden as she is particular about where she goes to the toilet. She is also a big fan of sunbathing.

Neutered Female

Microchipped, Vaccinated and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in Crewe

Polly comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance


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