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Caerwyn D2021-49






Caerwyn s an 11 week old Staffy cross puppy who has the most beautiful personality. He loves to nap after a crazy hour of play but doesn’t like to do this alone. He prefers a human to sit with him and doesn’t settle if you leave him alone in a room. He likes to be wrapped in a blanket for his nap time and adores gentle chest strokes.

Caerwyn is obviously very playful and is still learning that his puppy teeth are very sharp but he is doing so well with this. He is learning drop when told but this is far from consistent. The other dogs in the house are 9 and 11 years old so they are starting to teach him good manners around playing and personal time.

Caerwyn sleeps in a crate next to his foster mums bed and will settle down and go to sleep for around 5 hours (with some wees on a pad) before he wakes and wants to come into bed with his foster family. He likes to be next to his foster mum under the bed covers at which point he goes back to sleep until breakfast. I understand having a dog in the bed might not be something his new family will want to continue but we strongly believe when he is older he’ll have no trouble sleeping in another room with a dog companion once he has bonded with them.

Caerwyn enjoys time in the garden but as a baby he tends to eat leaves, dirt, twigs and stones so needs constant supervision otherwise he will swallow a stone which could cause some costly vet bills. He loves toys but these need to be quite robust as he likes to chew. He can easily be distracted by his toys. He has been an absolute joy to foster. Seeing his personality coming out after such a hard start has been amazing.

Caerwyn wants to be involved in everything and wants to be wherever his human and dogs are. He eats biscuits from a licki mat as he tends to inhale his food very quickly. He does a beautiful sit on command (as long as you have food or a toy handy!). He is such a happy loving puppy who will make a wonderful best friend.

Caerwyn adores humans. He loves being stroked, tickled, cuddled or even looked at by anyone. He hasn’t been in foster with children but we believe the type of breed and character he has shown would make him a great family dog. His young age means he can adapt to an environment with children but as he is a puppy we recommend children that are 10 and over.

He will need someone who has the time and energy to train him and take him to puppy school so he can socialise responsibly and this will be followed up by the team and a condition on his adoption. Caerwyn has a strong staffy jaw and combined with his age, he could become a destructive dog if left untrained.

Caerwyn is in foster with two old dogs who like to play with him but can’t really do him justice. He needs a home with a resident dog who is young enough to keep up with him but can teach him manners and help him socialise responsibly. He is gentle when playing with the two old dogs but very noisy with a loud growl. He is still learning his voice and different sounds so likes to try this out but it is misleading as he’s a gentle boy.

Caerwyn has not been cat tested but as he is so young I’m sure if introduced in the right way (and with a cat who will stand up to him a bit) he will be fine.

Caerwyn is not yet fully toilet trained but he understands that if he goes outside he gets a treat and if inside he doesn’t. Unfortunately, if he’s mid play he doesn’t remember the distinction so still has accidents. He isn’t food aggressive but he is really food orientated which will be great when training.

Caerwyn currently goes for an hour walk in a dog rucksack each day as he hasn’t had full vaccinations. He loves this stimulation and sits looking out at the world. He has been in the car in his rucksacks several times without incident.

Caerwyn will need a garden but otherwise he would be fine to adapt to any home layout. He quickly mastered going up the stairs and was very proud of himself when his legs grew long enough to finally go down the stairs safely. He would struggle in an environment that is cluttered as he would struggle to distinguish between possessions and toys.

Will come with a neutering and training agreement

He’s had first vaccination and is microchipped.

He is fostered in South Wales, Cardiff area

Caerwyn will come with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance.