20 October 2023

Norma Bates

By Emma
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Norma Bates D2023-139

  • Resident female dog
  • No children
  • Fine with cats
  • Quiet loving home

Norma is a 7 year old female ex breeding Bichon who has had a ruff start. Despite this she is a very brave and clever girl and has started to trust. Currently one of her favourite things to do is pinch foster mums seat on the sofa. She has started following the other dogs and coming for attention and when she’s feeling particularly brave she will approach on her own. She is unsure visiting people and will bark but wag her tail at the same time .She definitely prefers women but is starting to learn that not all men are bad. She doesn’t like loud noises and can bark because she doesn’t know what it is. This is all new to her and she is coming on in leaps and bounds.

She has sniffed toys and approached the toy box to have a look and watched the other dogs play but has not yet played with any she does like to chew on one of the hard plastic bones and in time were sure she will learn to love toys, she has never seen them before so will need a special sister to show her how to play.

Norma currently lives with a cat called Pickle and has had a little sniff of her and then walked off, she pays no attention to her apart from trying to pinch her cat biscuits.

Norma is a nervous dog and is afraid of loud noises and needs a quiet, calm home so therefore no children.

Norma will wear a harness and lead and will follow the others she is still a bit nervous and is still learning that a dog walk is supposed to be an exciting time. She doesn’t like loud noises and will try and run off if she hears an especially loud noise. So two leads at all times is a must.

Norma sleeps all night upstairs by the side of foster mums bed cwtched up to foster mums females dog. She has been the perfect house guest and there has never been any accidents in the home. On nice days she has permanent access to the garden and will go out with the other dogs. On not so nice days when the door is closed she will pace back and forth to let you know she needs to go out.

Norma absolutely loves food. She eats her food with the other dogs but it’s never enough she’s like Olive Twist she always wants more, so she needs to be supervised because she will try and pinch the other dogs food if she had the chance.

Norma needs a quiet calm home with someone to just love her and keep her safe. She would love a sister to learn from and to cuddle up to. She would like to be given the opportunity to explore new places like the beach and be taken on gentle woodland walks. She would also like a warm comfy bed with fluffy blankets please.


Vaccinated, microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered In Newport