18 October 2023

Misty *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Misty D2023-142

  • Needs a resident dog for confidence
  • Not bothered by resident cat
  • Dog savvy children
  • Would benefit from attending puppy class

Misty is a 4 Year old cocker spaniel described by her foster mum as very loving. She loves to be close to her humans and have cuddles. She is playful but not quite sure how to play and is just discovering toys. She has settled well with other dogs and is quickly learning how to behave. She can be a bit nervous of new situations but responds well to encouragement and praise. She is happy to jump onto the sofa and have cuddles and responds to commands such as ‘wait’, ‘leave’ etc and is ready to learn more.

She has not bothered with the resident cat in her foster home.

Not child tested but so friendly and playful would be ok with any age children as long as they give her space and time to settle.

Misty is just learning to play with toys. She loves to shred paper and is just learning from the other dogs how to play with toys. Misty would love someone to teach her how to play.

Misty has been on short walks on lead and harness. The whole world is new to her so she is slow and likes to sniff and explore. She is responsive to calling her name and telling her ‘stay close’ if a bit nervous. She is excited to have her harness on and wants to try out everything going.

Misty sleeps downstairs with the other dogs. She has a choice of sofas and dog beds.

House training is a work in progress and she is starting to learn that she gets lots of praise for going to toilet in the garden. There have been a few accidents but this is to be expected. She does start circling when she wants a wee so is taken outside and praised for going. She is getting there but will need some help to learn fully.

Misty eats away from the other dogs and is learning to eat her own food. She is great at taking treats, she knows each dog has their own treat and will take hers off to a safe space to enjoy. She is just starting to learn to sit to take a treat. She is starting to learn to respect others around food and has already learnt her food is safe and she is not to bother other dogs when they are eating.

Misty would love an active home with people around most of the time to give her cuddles and introduce her to fun activities. She would love to be with another confident and friendly dog to play with and show her how to behave properly. She would benefit enormously from going to training classes as she is so eager to please. Misty can grumble at times at other dogs, but that is just jealousy, she wants all the attention on her and needs to learn to share love and she is slowly starting to learn this. She shows no aggression, just a grumble. Misty love to cuddle and give kisses. She would be happy in an active home with a lot of love, patience, fun times and lots of cuddles.


1St vaccs and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 months 5 Agria pet insurance

Fostered in Llantrisant