19 January 2023

Norma *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Norma D2023-667

  • Needs a resident dog
  • Cat savvy
  • Children 8 and over
  • Owners to help her adjust and learn to be a dog

Norma is a 10 month old Cavashon described by her foster mum as the most loving, sociable little dog who adores humans and other dogs. She craves human attention and is very sweet. She loves nothing more than a cuddle and a smooth. She needs to make sure you are near and will jump on the settee to be with you placing her paw on you as if to say here I am smooth me please. So if your sofa proud Norma is definitely not the girl for you. She sleeps on the bed and will snuggle right into you, she’s like a little hot water bottle. She’s sleeps all night and has no accidents. She’ let’s you know when she needs the toilet and will stand by the door to be let out. You will need to go out the garden with her she won’t go out to toilet on her own yet this will come she just needs time and patience.

Norma would definitely need another dog of similar size that she can continue to learn from. She currently lives with two dogs and a cat. She will go out the garden for two seconds on her own and come straight back in but if one of the dogs go out with her she will follow them and copy them. She is starting to eat out of a bowl

Norma will follow other dogs out the garden and has played a little bit with one of the dogs. It’s still very early days for her and she is still learning. She has not been out on a walk as such but she has been to foster mums’ daughters who has a very big garden and three other dogs and she absolutely had the best time. She was happy and contented pottering around sniffing and following the others.

Norma is still shy and a bit nervous but is the most sweetest girl. She will watch to see what your up to and will come to you and follow you like a little shadow. She’s still learning how to be the dog she should have been. She has no idea what a dog toy is or what a dog treat is but I’m sure with time she will love them. She has been left for short periods of time approximately 15 minutes at a time and she gets a bit stressed but with time patience and the right family this will improve.

Norma currently lives with a dog savvy cat and pays no attention to her.

It’s really sad because she’s only a puppy and has no idea what a dog toy is but I’m sure she will learn. Foster mums dog initiated play and she joined in although not for long but she did have a go.

Norma is fine when you put a harness on and she lets you clip on the lead but she’s not sure about it when it’s time to go for a walk so this is a work in progress and she is practicing in the garden.

Norma would be best suited for a family with another resident dog and can spend time with her to help her grow in confidence. Someone who is home most of the time because she does get stressed when she’s left but in time when she learns your going to come back she will get used to being left a little longer. She could live with gentle, kind and patient children 8 and over who would let her come to them to be loved. She would also need to be allowed on the settee. She would ideally like to sleep on the bed with her humans or at least sleep in the same room but we think she would jump on the bed and you wouldn’t have a choice but to cuddle her. She would also like a lovely soft dog bed and some extra soft blankets as she has discovered a love for soft beds and pillows, so much better than a hard concrete floor with hay and sawdust. She’s never been to a beach or on holiday so that would be absolutely fantastic.

Neutered, vaccinated and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered in Newport