19 January 2023

Martin *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Martin D2023-3

  • Needs a calm resident dog of a similar size for confidence
  • Children 10 and over
  • Cat tested but will chase
  • Loving family who will help develop his confidence

Martin is a 20 month old whippet described by his foster mum as a sensitive soul that has led a sheltered life. He loves to follow foster mum around and see what she is up to and learn what this big new world is about. He also loves to curl up on the sofa and sleep. He is starting to learn what cuddles are and is staring to like them especially if there is a cuddly blanket involved.

Martin is starting to get used to new people coming to the home and will greet them with a gentle tail wag. If he is unsure of the person, he will retreat to his safe space which is his cage until he feels safe. He is currently more comfortable around women and calm children than men but this is being worked on and he is getting better every day. As said if scared he will hide in his crate which isn’t very often.

As Martin’s confidence grows, he is slowly becoming a little more mischievous when alone and will take things or find things to test, chew or eat. He doesn’t yet play but shows signs of a dog that might when his confidence grows. Currently when he is excited, he chases his tail which is very cute and curious. Foster mum is encouraging him to play with toys but this is going to take a little time and when he feels safe and loved. Currently his favourite treat is pigs ears or meaty treats and chips. He gets very interested when the family have chips!!

Martin has met small children but is not totally at ease with them as they scare him so we would recommend children over 10. He is cat tested and if they run he will chase but stops when told no, if they don’t run he just walks straight past. He is curious of them more than anything.

In the outside world Martin is reserved and shy. He walks well on a harness and is fine with larger well behaved dogs but is scared of smaller and barking dogs and will try to pull away or freeze on the spot. His new owners must make sure that whilst Martin finds his paws that they are his bodyguard. Martin does not currently like busy, crowded places and will need gradual introductions so he feels safe and comfortable.

He enjoys time in the garden (well not lately with the nonstop rain) but when its dry he likes a good sniff around but if next doors dogs bark he will run inside.

Martin would like a home with an active family and he enjoys running a would love long walks in quiet places. Too much noise can make him jumpy and nervous and he’s going to need lots of positive interactions, walks and fun to be the dog he was always meant to be.

Fostered in Trowbridge

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance