3 September 2022

Mitsi *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Mitsi D2022- 115





Hello my name is Mitsi, I’m a 12 month old American Cocker cross Poodle and I’m looking for a very special person who will help me become the best dog ever. I am still learning about the world and haven’t really seen much which makes me quite scared at times. I’m looking for a quiet house with people who will give me time to learn to trust them as I am still learning that people can be kind. I do like to follow my foster mum around because she lets me do things at my own pace. I have already learnt the house routines – after breakfast I get to have lots of time playing in the garden – after that I get to find the best bed in the house in the front room for a nap to recharge my batteries. It’s called a donut bed. If I come to live with you, I’d like one of these of my own as it helps me feel safe as it’s soft and lovely.

I want someone who will feed me lovely food twice a day, give me nice treats and time to get confident with you. I looking for someone who can show me how amazing the world can be with lots of love and patience. I would really like another dog friend who is calm and will show me what to do. I like to follow my foster mums’ dog around and he’s tried to ask me to play but I’m not really sure how to play with him yet but we’ve had a little chase and sniff.

When I came to live with foster mum the vet had to give me very short haircut, honestly what was she thinking letting them do that! She says it was because my coat was so matted. I know it feels so much nicer now but she won’t let me have a look in the mirror yet! I am enjoying sone gentle massage from my foster mum on my terms but touch makes me very nervous and I don’t like it if people move suddenly or talk too loudly. Foster mum says I have found my little voice and will sing along with her dog if he barks at a noise in the garden but I’m a good girl and stop when he does. Foster mum is very pleased with me because I haven’t had any accidents in the house, I’m not sure what she means by this? All I know is if the door is open, I can go outside and use the toilet but if it’s not I have to wait.

So if you think you could offer me a donut bed, time to trust you, two lovely meals a day and some grass to roll on then please fill in the application form. You will have to understand I will take a little while to show you I’m happy and ready to sit nearer you but overtime I will possibly honour you by siting close to you or following you around.

I have no health issues except my ears can get a bit dirty, foster mum says they’re typical spaniel ears and she gently cleans them for me which tickles a little bit, but feels good.

I am very scared of new people as I haven’t seen very many in my life so far. I am staring to follow the human around and I don’t run away from her because I know she’s ok. When there’s a few people around I will try and find somewhere safe to hide as I’m not really sure what to do with new people and they scare me.

I have met some little people and they really frighten me as they move fast and make loud noises. Older children who know about dogs are a little less scary but honestly all humans are a bit scary at the moment.

I don’t know what cats are and as my foster mum doesn’t have one, I haven’t seen one either. However, I can’t see there being a problem with other furries as long as they don’t mind me having a sniff as I’m getting quite curious about the world.

I am looking for a home where someone is home a lot of the time as I need to get used to people. I am able to stay on my own for a few hours as long as I can go in the donut bed. I’m not really keen on a crate unless the door is open. My foster mum says I’ve very good in the house and I haven’t chewed anything. I have just discovered the toy box and like throwing the soft toys around. As I get more confident in the house, I have been trying to pull the washing off the line and help out by putting the blankets and tea towels in a nice pile in my bed when foster mum isn’t looking. I’m lucky that she thought this was very helpful as I’m trying to be a puppy exploring everything I can, when I feel safe to do so.

I am still learning about the wider world and so have only been a few places in the car. I’m have been very good and travel in the back in a car crate. I have been to my foster nanas house and quite enjoyed the new sniffs. The garden is my favourite place as there’s lots of lovely grass to roll on. I am starting to get used to a harness and lead in the garden but this will need time and work with my new family.

I would like a quieter house where the humans will give me time to get to know and trust you. A must for me is a soft bed and two meals a day please. I’d also like someone around most of the time so I can build my confidence around people. Foster mum says I’m very lovable and really want someone who wants to teach me about how wonderful life can be with people. I’m keen and willing to learn. I like routines and haven’t learnt very quickly.

Neutered, 1st vaccs, microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered in Swansea