20 October 2019

REHOMED Milo – 14 week old Cavalier puppy

By FOAW staff
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Name: Milo

Age:  4 months old

Breed: Cavalier King Charles

Can I live with Children:  Sensible ones

Can I live with cats: Not tested

Can I live with other dogs:  Yes, please

Fostered In:  South Wales

Milo is a 4-month old Cavalier who is being fostered in South Wales. He is a typical puppy with the sweetest nature who loves fuss and snuggles. He is full of curiosity and is very smart.

People – Milo loves everyone and everyone who meets him loves him, so he’s been getting lots of fuss when out and about. He doesn’t like loud bangs or loud noises so everything is new to him and it can be a big scary world out there. He does love being held, sitting on your lap, or snuggling next to you on the sofa with his head on your lap. He’s bursting with love and one look in those gorgeous eyes and people tend to turn to mush when they meet him.

Dogs –  Milo definitely needs to be adopted by a family with at least one other active dog. He is currently living with two older Bichons and absolutely adores snuggling with them and playing with them. He is also learning things from his doggy friends that he may have missed out on as a very young pup. They say the best toy for a dog is another dog and in Milo’s case this is very true.          

Cats – Milo hasn’t been exposed to cats or small furries – so his reaction to them is unknown.       

In the home – Milo is lovely in the house, and although he missed out on early house training is doing very well considering. He’s only had two little wee accidents in the house. He’s currently sleeping on the bed with me and my other dogs and sleeps through the night without a peep. If I have to pop out to the shops, he goes in his large puppy crate in the same room as his other doggy friends. I crate him for a maximum of one hour per day at the moment and make sure that only good things happen in the crate, like treats. He travels well in the car in his crate, happy to curl up and sleep. He loves his toys which are at present as chew-proof as possible and not soft fluffies which I think would only last 5 minutes. He loves food and I feed the dogs separately as although there’s no food aggression in any of them, there is stealing all round. As he’s at an important stage in his development, he needs lots of stimulation and positive learning experiences to prevent boredom.

Out and about – He’s great in the car – travels well in his crate and usually curls up and goes to sleep. He’s great at the vets. Walks are going well – always on lead of course!     

Type of home – Milo will do well in an active home where there are people around most of the time to interact with and another dog or dogs to play with. He is a sweet-natured, smart little man who is incredibly affectionate and deserves a home that has the time to devote to him while he is still learning as a pup, and later on when he’s an adult because he’s going to grow into a fabulous, loyal, loving best friend.

Milo is chipped, vaccinated and up to date with his flea and worming treatment. He is too young to be neutered so this will be a condition of adoption and the responsibility of his adopters. A discount voucher is available and follow up checks will be done. Potential adopters will be expected to travel to meet him in his foster home in South Wales.

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