12 October 2019

Bambi & Bailey – Perfect forever home found

By FOAW staff
Bambi & Bailey 1
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Take a look at this bonded pair of beauties! Bambi, who is a male, brown and white English spot, aged about 9 months old; and Bailey, who is a female, black and white English spot, aged about 6 months.

Bambi is very laid back and just wants a quiet life – he is happy wandering around the garden foraging and eating leaves. Bailey however is a totally different kettle of fish and I quote Foster Mum when she describes her as “much busier, can’t spend too long cuddling up with Bambi as she’s got far too much to do and mischief to plan!” Well, they say opposites attract! The one trait they do have in common is the skill of escapology! Foster Mum has learnt from experience that they can burrow in between patio slabs if they are just wide enough and can get underneath a fence. They apparently can also jump higher than you think!

They love their food and are very good eaters; in fact far too good as no garden plants are safe – they will try and eat absolutely everything. They come running when food bowls are rattled and enjoy their dark green veg – curly kale, broccoli and cabbage are favourite; and are good hay eaters. Both have put on weight and built up some muscle since being fostered with healthy diets and plenty of space to run around.

Bambi and Bailey didn’t have the best start in life. Bambi had been kept on his own in a tiny cage and had awful dermatitis on all four feet from living on chicken wire when he first came in, and Bailey has the battle scars of a tear in her ear from fighting when she’d been kept with others when they were all unneutered. But luckily for them they found some good people along the way to help get them to where they are now – fully bonded and happy together, getting more confident every day. All they need now is their perfect forever home to complete the fairy tale.

Bambi and Bailey are fully vaccinated and neutered. They are healthy and are getting more relaxed by the day in Foster Mum’s company – they are slowly getting used to her stroking them while they are eating, but it will take time and patience to get them fully comfortable with stroking and able to accept handling.

If you think you are able to give these two beautiful bonded buns the forever home they deserve, please fill in the adoption link below: Adoption Form