7 January 2024

Milka *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Milka D2023-163

  • Needs a resident dog
  • Older children
  • Patient owners

Milka is a 7 year old Bichon described by her foster mum as a lovely little soul who is becoming friendlier by the day, loosing the worried look that she arrived with. She is now a lovely dog who is still wary at times and takes a while to trust but choses to come and ask for attention.

She is starting to come out of her shell and has started to steal the odd sock which makes foster mum laugh.  She can be cheeky, shy and scared in a short space of time but this normal as they decompress from an uncertain past into a loving environment.

Milka has not been tested with cats but has such a gentle nature with careful introductions to a dog savvy cat she should be fine.

Milka can be homed with older dog savvy children.

Milka  gets super excited when she sees her harness and stands lovely and still for it to be put on. She walks lovely on a lead and enjoys sniffing and looking about. She can still be a little wary of her surroundings. She is fine meeting other dogs when out on a walk, she can be a little wary at first if they approach her in an over exuberant manner but once they are calm, she is happy. She has been good in the home when other dogs have visited.

Milka currently sleeps downstairs on the sofa and sleeps all night.

She is 99% house trained she may have the odd accident on a puppy pad if the door cannot be opened in time.

She is a dainty eater and is not greedy. She enjoys her treats and will now happily take these from your hand.

Milka would be great in most homes that are not too busy. She is not a dog that will push herself forward and could easily be lost in a busy household. She barks initially when new people come in but will follow the others forward for attention as she knows it’s safe.


Vaccinated, Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in Newport

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance