27 December 2022

Merry *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Merry D2022-201

Merry is a beautiful 6 month old bouncy and loving Labrador puppy who is desperate to be loved. She is a little timid, but doesn’t take long to come out of her shell, especially if there is chicken in the vicinity. She loves cuddles and playtime and just wants to hang out with you and be close.

Merry loves her food and is easy to train for a reward. She also loves her toys and especially enjoys interactive play. She is quiet and gentle and if foster mum didn’t already have her hands full she would have been snapped up.

Merry was attacked by another dog not so long ago which has caused her to loose a leg. The loss of a leg has not stopped her but it has knocked her confidence in other dogs and the outside world. She is going to need positive interactions when meeting other dogs in the outside world. She can bark with nervousness when she sees others but using distraction and support, Merry calms down and is then able to interact nicely, with a lovely gentle manner. Currently all the neighbours have been on board to help Merry re-build her confidence.

Not cat or small furry tested.

We would also recommend older dog savvy children due to her bouncy nature and lack of socialisation.

Merry is very loving and a pleasure to have a round but is a typical puppy with a loving, playful nature who is into everything and wants to follow you around and wants to be part of everything.

Merry is working hard on building her confidence. She finds everything a challenge in the outside world and needs support, training, patience and kindness, with time and training, she will be an absolute super star.

Merry needs a loving home where the family have the time, love, patience and understanding to help her build her confidence and become the absolute superstar she was meant to be.


Vaccinated, microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in North Somerset, Shoscombe

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet Insurance