2 October 2021

Majoram ****ADOPTED****

By Emma
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Majoram D2021-160


14 Month old Cavalier cross

Neutered and 1st vaccs

Majoram is a 14 month old cavalier cross who was an ex breeding female. Being in a home and shown love by humans is all new to her and she is trying to be brave but is still extremely nervous. She has made the first steps on her road to recovery and any potential adopters will need to be patient, kind, consistent and very loving.

Marjoram has been clean in the house since day one and will make her way to the garden door to go out without a fuss. She will jump up on the sofa to sit next to us if the dogs are already there but will shy away if touched. She is constantly on the look out for any danger or anything that she thinks may hurt her.

Majoram does not like a crate and becomes very stressed when you try to put her in one. Now she has formed a bit of a bond with her foster mum she gets upset being left on her own. However she is very happy to see her foster family when they come home and gets excited with the other dogs and will nose bumps on the hand when a fuss is being made of the other dogs.

Majoram has formed a close bond with her foster dad and sleeps on a bed next to him. She is like his shadow and seems to prefer men to the company of women at the moment.

She’s can be a fussy eater and is currently on wet food with a little bit of kibble mixed in.

Majoram doesn’t currently play with toys but is watching the other dogs playing and will soon learn how much fun this can be. She is interested in the toys and has been testing them in her mouth sometimes a little too well and can chew up any rubber ones or anything rubber. This is her first forever home and nobody ever cared enough about her to teach her house rules and what she can and cannot play with so potential owners need to be aware that she will be interested and possibly chew anything that is left within her grasp. She will learn quite quickly as she is super intelligent but owners will need to be calm and teach her right from wrong in a positive manner.

She will jump up on the sofa to sit next to us if the dogs are already there but will shy away if touched. She is constantly on the look out for any danger or anything that she thinks may hurt her.

Marjoram lives with a dog savvy cat and is interested in this new purry furry animal as she has probably never seen one before. Sometimes she has paid a bit too much interest in the cat but will leave kitty alone when told no. There has been no aggression just a keen interest. Any potential adopters with cats would need to monitor the situation at first but I think that she would soon ignore the cat once settled.

Marjoram has only been out to go to the vets and travelled in a crate in the car for safety. She was nervous but did settle. She is nervous to have a harness and lead on but this is being worked on in the home. She hasn’t yet been out for walkies but the other dogs in the home have told her all about good sniffs and squirrel hunting and she is trying to be brave wanting to join in the fun eventually.

Marjoram would benefit from having at least other dog in the home. A dog around her own size that would like a little shadow and someone to share their bed with. She is a tiny little dog at nearly 8 kilos who can live with older dog savvy children that wouldn’t man handle her and understand that they need to be gentle with her as she is still learning. She is a very sensitive and nervous little princess and at the moment she is worried by things around her and will jump if she hears a loud noise or sudden movement. She needs a special family that will be loving, patient and understanding. A family who are willing to take their time and give her plenty of time to settle and adjust. Majoram will be an amazing addition to any family that will give the love and time that she so desperately needs.

Neutered Female

1st vaccinations, microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in the Barry area of South Wales

Majoram will come with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance