3 August 2023


By Emma
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LEO D2023-001

  • Needs a secure garden as no walks
  • No other animals in the home
  • Older dog savvy children
  • Loving parents who can help with his needs
  • The Ralph will support his veterinary care on an ongoing basis.

Leo is a 3 year old Bull breed who adores human affection and is content in a familiar, consistent environment. He is a bouncy boy with lots of love to give to humans, but unfortunately cannot be around other animals. His ideal home is one where he can be based in the home and garden with no conventional walks.

Leo has had a rough start to life, and is looking for a family who can adapt to his poor sight and resulting needs for this he will give you his whole heart.

Leo is happy to be cuddled, groomed and carried. Does not resource guard. He is lead and harness trained. And is fine to be examined by vets. He travels in the car with no issues.

Leo has no health concerns other than reduced vision. On ongoing antianxiety medication. Limp in front leg but this is mechanical (does not cause pain or discomfort).

Dog-savvy children, suggest 14+ due to bouncy nature and size.

Leo cannot be around other animals, even at a distance, presumed due to anxiety/fear due to his poor vision.

Leo needs an adapted living environment for his poor sight, including avoided use of stairs and a safe, fully enclosed garden. 

The Ralph will support his veterinary care on an ongoing basis.

Neutered Male

Vaccinated, Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in Devon