28 July 2023

Elton *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Elton D2023-91

               *Needs a resident dog

               * dog savvy cat

               * Active family

Elton is a 2yr 4 month Bichon/shih tzu Cross described by his foster mum as a cheeky little man who loves attention once he knows you. He is quite confident in the home and isn’t fazed by anything. He can be a little hand shy and wary of new people that visit and when he’s out on a walk. He loves to push the cushions off the sofas and pull off any fleece that are there as well and dig them into a pile on the floor.

He loves to play with toys and throw them about and jump from chair to chair chasing after them. He also enjoys chasing a ball and runs past his foster parents cheekily rather than drop it to be thrown again. He can be a cheeky boy and will tug at sleeves or trouser hems trying to get his foster parents to play tug.

He loves to play with the resident bichon and nips her legs and ears to get her to play and sometimes it’s as if they are boxing. It’s so lovely to watch this happy playful side come out.

Elton loves to lay on the sofa and snuggle in for a cuddle as long as you softly stroke his face. He so wants love and attention and is starting to relax at being picked up and handled when needed.

Elton lives with a cat and tries to play but the cat is in charge and gives him a swipe which is quite surprising for Elton who just sits looking bemused.

We would recommend children of 10 and over as Elton is going through his puppy phase and is a bit bitey and mouthing which is being worked on. Obviously being older his teeth aren’t puppy teeth anymore. He has finally found his play mode and can jump up suddenly ,so children need to be aware of how to treat him. He has met small children out on his walk and has been really good. His owner just needs to be aware that he’s quite bouncy and given the chance will jump up that can frighten children that don’t know him.

Elton gets so excited when he knows he’s going on a walk but will bite and pull his harness as if it’s a game Eventually when his harness is on he is desperate to get out and will pull with excitement. He’s confident on a walk, but its going to take a bit of time until he knows he needs to walk in a relatively straight line and not do whirlys and wrap himself around the person walking him. This is due to him being so interested in everything and everyone he sees out walking. He is desperate to meet every dog he encounters and will whimper if the dog is too far away to have a sniff of. As he is new to the outside world his parents need to initially pick his friends for him to keep him safe.

Elton sleeps on his foster mums bed soundly all night and likes to cuddle up looking so content when he gets a cuddle back.

Elton is 95% house trained and will make his way to the garden door to see if it’s open.

Elton currently eats using a slow feeder as he likes to inhale his food and away from other dogs as he will help them finish their food too. He needs to be handed his treat and told a firm no when others are given theirs as he will try and grab each and every treat, he is very fast and will try and snatch them from our hands
He is starting to listen but needs to be told no and that he must wait his turn.

Elton needs a home with another active dog around his age that wants to play chase and maybe bitey face games. He would like at least two decent walks a day, short walks wouldn’t do as he needs to get rid of lots of energy. He would be more suited to a family that lead a relatively active life. His adopters will need to realise that he is only just going through the puppy phase that he missed out on so he can be a bit naughty and like a whirl wind at times.


Vaccinated and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered in Wenvoe /Cardiff