28 October 2021

Layla *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Layla D2021-185

As I lay here snuggled in bed in foster mum’s arms, she looks at me and says sleep tight princess I look at her and say foster mum before I fall asleep tell me my favourite story of how I was rescued. Okay Layla are you comfy then let’s begin.

Once upon a time, before you knew your name, you were a very good girl but nobody was around to tell you. You lived in a noisy place where no one had time to make sure you ate all your food, was clean, warm and comfy or picked you up for a cuddle. Then one day that changed. You heard you were to be part of something called freedom day and you had been chosen to go in the rescue wagon.

The day you were rescued and arrived here with me your little heart was broken, you were shaking, filthy dirty and scared. You wouldn’t look at me and just wanted to hide. That day my heart broke for what you had been through but slowly very, very slowly your little eyes found their light again.

When you first arrived you didn’t know what a food bowl was and I had to put your food on the floor and walk away. I wasn’t allowed to watch you eat but the sound of you crunching those biscuits filled my heart with joy. Now look at you doing your special little breakfast dance for me. You are like a little Ginger Rogers with your special tippy tappy feet.

You were happy to find other dogs in our foster home but you couldn’t understand why they wanted to be close to me when humans were bad, weren’t they?. Humans never cared for you before and you found it hard to understand that I loved you unconditionally. You soon started following the other dogs out to the garden and watched them going to toilet and me giving them a big fuss for being good. Then one day you went to toilet too in the garden and let me give you a gentle fuss. Your face when you felt that my hand was so full of love and not hate was priceless. It was almost as if I could hear those little pieces of your broken heart mending, from then on, every day has been a little better.

You were worried when new people came to the house as you didn’t know why they were there. The other dogs were excited to see them and would run around barking and wagging their bums whilst you sat and watched. You sat and watched for a long time and one day you came to say hello to a visitor and felt a stranger’s gentle hand on you and decide it was nice and another bit of your broken heart was fixed.

Now my little princess you still have a long way to go and many new things to see but I have done all that I can for you and your heart is almost whole again. Now we need to find you a forever family who will be patient and kind and fill that last piece of your broken heart, now don’t you worry Layla we will make sure that they know how special you are and how you have turned from a little caterpillar into a great big beautiful butterfly and it is your time to shine. It’s your time now Layla your time to shine and fly.

Sleep tight my princess and dream of that loving forever family and try not to snore too much.

Foster mum here whilst Layla has dropped off to sleep let me tell you some important information.

Layla needs a home with at least one other dog. She is very nervous of children so would need a home with older dog savvy children or no children. Children who are loud or move quickly will scare her. She has not met any cats so we don’t know how she will behave. Layla will need patient parents who want to be that final piece to mend her broken heart which will take time and patience. This little girl means the world to me and she has come a long way but she still has a journey ahead of her and this will take time.

Neutered Female Shih tzu cross Border Terrier

Vaccinated, microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in Blackwood

Layla comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance.