17 April 2024

Larry *****ADOPTED****

By Emma
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Larry D2024-49

  • Can be an only dog with someone around most of the time
  • Can live with other dogs
  • Children 5 and over
  • Wants to attend puppy class

Larry is a bouncy 6 month old Bichon described by his foster mum as a darling little puppy who loves meeting everyone and is always ready with nose nudges. He likes nothing better than playing and making people do what he wants by way of a nose nudge.

He is very playful and loves having people to play with. He is also finding his cheeky side and if he thinks you’re not looking he will run off with your pyjamas or any paper you may put down. He’s very fond of mums slippers and especially hiding them or taking his off to his basket to lie on them. (brave puppy).

Larry has picked up bad habits off the resident dog and has been enjoying chasing the cat who tells him off in no uncertain terms.

He would be fine with children over 5 and in fact would be beneficial as he’d make a lovely best friend for adventures and games and to show him more of this wonderful world he’s only now finding out about.

Larry plays with toys alone or with anyone who will play with him and loves a ball.

He has not yet been walked but has worn a harness and lead to the vets and was fine.

He currently sleeps at the bottom of foster mums bed at night or in his bed in the living room in the day.

House training is a work in progress.

Larry eats alone due to his greedy Foster sister. He will take a treat happily and isn’t greedy.

Larry would flourish in a family home who can help him in all the adventures he is ready to go on. He takes every experience in his stride with enthusiasm and is so excited about meeting his new forever home and start his wonderful new life. He can be homed with or without another dog but would be good if person works from home as he hasn’t really been left alone. He would also benefit from attending puppy school.


Vaccinated, Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in Cardiff

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance