17 April 2024

Arawn *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Arawn D2024-40

  • Can be an only dog or live with another
  • Sensible children
  • Loves to go walkies
  • Wants to go to puppy school

Arawn is an 8 month old Cavapoo described by his foster mum as a real lover of people of all kinds both in and out of the home. He is absolutely lovely to have in the home. He has a nice energy about him that isn’t too frantic but he’s not lazy either. He will take himself off to chill in a bed when he’s tired or he might decide to curl up next to someone on the sofa.

He hasn’t chewed anything he shouldn’t yet but he’s still just a puppy so that nawty side might still emerge. He has loved meeting all the visitors and is happy for their attention. Being the sociable little guy he is though he does absolutely love human company and struggles with being left alone at home so this will need to be worked on by building up his time without his people in a slow structured way until he feels confident that he can trust they will always come back. He has been very happy to meet all kinds of people young and old. he is very affectionate and loves to be loved.

He hasn’t been around cats but I think he is young enough to learn especially if it was a dog savvy cat.

He can be homed with children 5 and over as he is a sociable little guy once he gets past his initial shyness. He has met children out and about and was happy to be petted, he doesn’t mouth and he is just a gentle chilled little guy. He can be a little skittish and shy at first so this should be taken into consideration so he’s not overwhelmed.

Arawn will play with the resident dog when the old lady feels like it or he will amuse himself with his toys and occasional zoomies. He is not too over the top in his style of play but really good at interacting with other dogs.

Arawn loves to go out on a walk. He is just a beginner at going for walks but he’s pretty good on a lead and harness, he loves to sniff ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING though so work needed on keeping him going whilst giving him ample time to have his sniffs. He has been out and about walking to several new places including the coffee shop, cafe and pub and he was a well behaved sociable angel each time.

Arawn sleeps all night from around 9.30 to 8 the next morning in a covered crate in foster mum’s room.

He is not completely housetrained but not far off, he is still just a puppy and accidents will happen especially as he gets used to new surroundings. He doesn’t ask to go out yet but given plenty of opportunity he does his business outside.

Arawn eats in his crate so the resident dog doesn’t steal his food but they have treats together and he has been fine.

Arawn is the type of chap who could fit into a variety of different homes, with or without children, quiet or more active, a family or a couple, with or without a resident dog or cat etc. Once he gets over his initial shyness and skittishness, he is a happy little guy thrilled to be with you. He is not overly energetic but not lazy either and he will really love people who will go out for walks and adventures with him. He travels fine in the car. What he does need is further reward based training, consistency and plenty of human company, especially at first. He will need people who will adore him and allow him the time to decompress. He is still just a puppy and young enough to learn and adapt. He is just the most adorable fellow and will repay your love a hundredfold. He would also love to go to puppy classes.


Vaccinated, Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in Newport

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance