14 January 2019

REHOMED Lady & Darling – 2-year old Malaysian crossbreeds

By FOAW staff

Name: Lady and Darling

Age: Around 2 years old

Breed: Malaysian Crossbreed

Children: Teens

Cats: Not tested

Dogs: Yes

Fostered in: RCT, South Wales

Walt Disney has Lady and the Tramp…

Here at FOAW we have Lady and her Darling. A 2-year old pair of Malaysian crossbreeds, who are being fostered in RCT, South Wales. Lady and Darling were both saved from the streets of Malaysia last year and taken into the home of a lady working there, along with a 3rd dog.
Lady had been dumped while in season and was so lucky to have been found before ending up in pup on the streets.
Slowly they all began to adapt to life in a home, but when the 3rd dog disappeared into the hands of the local dog warden and was euthanised, she knew she had to get Lady and her Darling out of Malaysia and back home to the UK.
She heard about FOAW through a friend and contacted us to ask if we could help and of course we agreed.
The process of getting Lady and Darling passported and ready to travel to Wales was started and in October 2018 Lady and Darling boarded a plane to London, they were then picked up and transported to Wales.
They were very afraid and cold in this strange new country, they slowly adapted to their new surroundings and climate. Now after many months they are ready for the next stage of their lives, to find a new home together.
They have a very close bond with each other and after the journey they have had so far travelled they deserve to stay together. They are both confident dogs now but still watching to make sure the other is OK.

Both Lady and Darling are loving affectionate dogs who love a fuss and cuddle with their humans.
They are both active dogs and love running around the garden or going out walking. They can pull on the lead initially but do settle down. Lady could be a good agility dog. They are both friendly with other dogs both at home and out and about.
They love to be around their people and happily potter around with you as you go about your day. They love joining in the group walks with all their friends. They will need a secure garden with 6ft fencing because Lady is very agile and can jump over lower fencing. Lady also got out of a small window when they 1st arrived with us. Darling on the other hand is good at opening doors. Both are happy being left for 2-3 hours but can get bored and get into mischief if left for too long.
They are both fully vaccinated neutered, microchipped and up to date with their flea and worming treatment. Potential adopters are expected to travel to meet them in their foster home in South Wales.

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