Lady & Darling – looking for a home together

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Lady and Darling are looking for a foster home or a forever home together. One of our dog walkers took Lady and Darling out recently and here’s what she had to say.

Darling is a 2-year old Malaysian crossbreed. He is such a loving and lovable boy. He hardly pulled on his lead and was absolutely fine with other dogs that he came across (no encounters with off-lead pooches as yet). He was confident and alert while we were out, although once we had reached the narrow path that leads to the river, something seemed to spook him (the size of the path, or the sound of the river unnerved him maybe?) and he didn’t want to go any further in that direction. He was happy to continue on his walk again once we started to make our way back though.
Lady, also an adult crossbreed, found the new sights and sounds a lot more unsettling than her bestie, bless her. Some noises startled her more than others, but without a whisper of pulling on her lead, she kept going regardless – thanks to gentle encouragement and reassurance. Hopefully it won’t be too long for Lady to gain more confidence with each and every walk.

These two are currently being assessed. Once we know more about them they will go up for rehoming. Sadly, due to their past experiences, they are escape artists so will need very high fencing in their new home.

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