7 September 2023

Jill *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Jill D2023-125

  • Needs a resident playful dog
  • Sensible teenage children who will help build her confidence
  • Would benefit from attending puppy school
  • Active home with patient loving parents

Jill is a 7 month old Lab cross Collie who hasn’t had the best start and has seen very little of the big wide world. When she first arrived in foster, she was very nervous and scared of everyone and everything. Within 48 hrs she was a different dog and felt very safe with her foster family as they knew she needed time to settle and adjust. She can still be wary of new people entering the home but as long as they wait for her to come to them then she is fine. She likes to watch and takes her queues from her foster mum.

Jill is well behaved and is learning to be a playful pup, learning that play time is such fun! She loves to have someone to play with her and really loves to play rough and tumble with her foster siblings.

Jill is wary of the family cats and has shown no sign of chasing and is just curious as to who they are.

She absolutely loves the sofa to have a nap on and loves nothing more than to snuggle up to her foster family.

Due to Jill being shy and a little nervous she can be homed with older dog savy teenagers.

Jill is amazing on a harness but is scared of the outside world and all the noises. She will need a home where her family will spend the time to help build her confidence with walking in the big wide world. She is very new to all this but is getting braver every day. 

Jill loves to sleep! She loves to sleep on the sofa, on your lap and on your bed. She is also crate trained.
At the moment she sleeps with her doggy siblings in the kitchen at night.

Jill hasn’t had any accidents in the home and hasn’t shown any destructive nature but she is only a puppy and accidents can happen.

Jillie loves her food, she eats well from her bowl in between her foster siblings.

Jill deserves the absolute best in her forever home. She needs a home where someone is around in the day to help her build her confidence and to show her how great life is. When settled she will need an active life where she will be given lovely long daily walks. Jill is currently a little shy so a calm household is essential in helping her understand that life will be great and she is safe. She needs another confident playful dog that will help her to come out of her shell and play tuggies with her as currently this is her favourite game. Jill would also benefit from attending puppy school to build her confidence in a controlled environment.

Neutering agreement

Would benefit from attending puppy classes

Vaccinated, Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered in Caerphilly