10 September 2023

Jack *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Jack D22023-124

  • Can be an only dog with his owners around most of the time
  • Can live with another dog
  • Dog savvy cats
  • Dog savvy children 8 and over
  • Patient and positive parents

Jack is a 6 month old Labrador cross Collie pup described by his foster mum a total people lover. He adores being adored and is incredibly affectionate. He’s a bit unsure on first meetings but as soon as he’s decided you’re ok then be prepared to be smothered in kisses. Unfortunately due to his background Jack was too scared to go outside the home when he first came into foster, with gentle persistence and the help of treats that has gradually changed until he’s now having two short walks a day in quieter areas. He was very nervous about interacting with people and dogs whilst out at first but now he will happily say hello to a select few, he generally makes a beeline for people rather than dogs but he is happy to greet well behaved dogs.

Jack is very happy in his home and garden with his people around. He loves to shadow his people around the house as they go about their day. When he first arrived he couldn’t bear to be out of sight of his persons but as he’s gained  confidence he has become a little more independent, however be prepared that he may regress to being clingy again in his new home. It’s very likely he will always be the kind of dog who just loves to be with his people. Despite loving his people if Jack sees you leave the house and not just go upstairs out of his sight, he has been okay to leave for short periods. This is helped with a particularly tasty chew or frozen kong and this can be built on in his forever home as he gains in confidence. Due to his background he doesn’t like being shut in a room by himself and will cry. He hasn’t been destructive at all but he is still only a puppy so he may still discover his naughty side when he’s feeling more settled and confident.

Jack is wary of cats so possibly could be homed with a dog savvy cat

Jack adores all people big and small but he’s a very sensitive pup who is also a bit clumsy and will jump up and occasionally still puppy mouth although this is becoming less frequents. We would say he can be homed with kind dog savvy kids 8+ depending on their experience of dogs and their ability to understand Jack’s worries and help him to overcome them with their parents guidance.

Jack loves to play with stuffed toys, chews, but most of all he loves to chase his ball in the garden. He will play with the resident dog if they’re both inclined and his play has become increasingly confident and more boisterous, in short more like a six month old puppy which is a big difference from when he first arrived and he ran away from the resident dog as soon as she play bowed. He is equally happy to play alone with his toys or with any available human.

Jack had a very poor start in life kept constantly in one room so came to us with no experience of the outside world and had extremely limited experience of socialising with other dogs. Consequently he was terrified of going outside the home. During his time in foster he has worked really hard gradually becoming more used to the world around him to the point he has now been taken on two solo walks a day and is doing really well learning how to walk on a lead and harness whilst coping with all the sensory input around him. He still need his person to advocate for him when meeting new people and dogs outside so his confidence improves further and he is not in situations that cause him to regress. Getting used to traffic is still a work in progress but he has gone from panicking at the sight and sound of a car to being mildly nervous if something is too close or too big or too noisy and this progress will need to be continued in his new home if Jack is to become fully comfortable moving in the big wide world.

Jack started by sleeping on foster mum’s bed because he hated the crate, he doesn’t move around much ‘, basically gives you a cuddle and curls up really small to sleep. However he has now started to sleep in his own bed in the bedroom and he will sleep a few hours in there before getting back on the bed with foster mum. With time and confidence and the right dog bed I think he’ll probably migrate there himself.

Completely house trained and asks to go out.

Jack has a healthy appetite and has shown no signs of possessiveness around food although they’re given treats together jack is fed twice a day separately from the resident dog because the resident dog is a food thief!

Jack can definitely go to a home as an only dog as he adores people or he can be homed with another kind dog who doesn’t mind an attention hogger as Jack is convinced humans are there to adore him only and will butt the other dog out of the way to get that attention. What is most important is that Jack finds people who are prepared to continue to work with him in overcoming his fears of the outside world in a positive, kind and patient way. He has made remarkable progress in a short time and he needs a home who are going to build on that progress and help him catch up on the socialisation he’s missed. A decent size garden for Jack to play in and chase his ball would be a plus. Jack hasn’t been exercised appropriately so far because he was shut away in one room and as a consequence he became quite a lazy pup who loves his naps but he is beginning to love his walks and will eventually love much longer walks as he builds his strength and stamina so will need his new family to be fairly active. Jack also needs people around most of the time who won’t mind him following them around to see what they’re up to, cuddling on the sofa, being their little work buddy and generally adoring them! He will also need training in manners and etiquette as this was non-existent in his life before coming into foster He has started with some basics in order to tackle his jumping up etc but he will benefit from further reward based, positive training.


Vaccinated, microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered in Newport