26 March 2023

Iris *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Iris D2023-28

            * Needs a resident dog

            * Can live with cats

            * Older teenage children

            * Patient and understanding owners           

Iris is a 7 year old Shih Tzu described by her foster mum as a nervous little dog who will approach you if you have food or when she’s with the other dogs but currently wont initiate contact. She’s improving every single day and when she does ask for attention, she lets you smooth her head and body. You can see she is absolutely desperate to be loved and closes her eyes when you smooth her.

Veterinary history to be discussed.

She will bark at visitors when they come into the house but this is out of fear and once left alone to think it through, she quickly settles.

She has discovered a love for toys especially balls and will roll and chase them around the room. She will play on her own but also likes to follow the other dogs around and copy them. Her cheeky side is starting to appear and a new thing is that she likes to collect socks and shoes. So, if you don’t want them hoarded away then they will need to be safely out of reach.

Iris currently lives with two dogs and a cat and takes absolutely no notice of the cat.

Iris definitely needs another dog to learn from in her forever home.

She can live with teenagers but younger children scare her and she will run away.  

Iris has only been out once on a harness and lead but didn’t really enjoy it. This will come in time once she bonds with her family and her furry brother or sister. Currently she will run if scared so needs to be walked on a lead and harness. She also needs a secure garden and would eventually love to have some fun with her family in a secure field when she feels more confident. Her lead training is continuing in her foster home in the garden where she feels safe.

Iris currently sleeps down stairs with the other dogs and feels happier if she has the other dogs with her.

Iris is nearly house trained she will go outside to toilet when you invite her to but you need to go with her and hold her paws as she is scared of being left alone. She doesn’t let you know when she needs to go so you need to invite her out. She is starting to gain confidence but at the moment she is taken out often. She’s getting there it just takes time.

Iris is fine to eat around other dogs but would happily stand back and let one of the others or even the cat eat her food so she is supervised during meal times to make sure she gets enough. She absolutely loves cheese this is her favourite treat.

Iris is just like a beautiful flower starting to bloom and when she does flower, she will be the sweetest, funniest and cheeky little dog. She needs the very best home with a resident dog with patient, gentle and loving owners who will teach her what it’s like to be loved and feel safe. A family who will give her all the experiences she missed out on. She wants to explore beaches, parks and woodlands and needs an owner with an understanding of ex breeding dogs. She would like a toy box full of balls and cuddly toys and the occasional piece of cheese.


Vaccinated, Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered in Newport