9 February 2021

Honor ****ADOPTED****

By FOAW staff


Can be an only dog but would like friends outside of the home

Owners around most of the time to shower her with love and affection

Enjoys her walks

Children 10 and over

Honor the Hunterway is around 18 months old and is a stunningly beautiful girl with the most gorgeous character. As her foster mum I would keep her if I could but I know she needs a forever family of her own who will care for her as much as I do.

Honor can be nervous when she first meets new people or is in a new situation, but just displays submission and quickly over comes her fears. She trusts very quickly and just loves a cuddle.

She’s seen children at the vets (from a distance) and quietly observes. If she is to be with children, 10 and over would probably be best.

She is great with other dogs but doesn’t need another dog in the home just lots of friends outside. When she needs a break, she will often take herself off to find a quiet corner to re-charge. Before she came into rescue she was living in a large pack and we think she found this very stressful, she may well have been attacked over food and felt on edge a lot. She likes to eat her food away from any other dogs and in a quiet space. She will not eat if there is another dog in the room. She would be happy to live with just humans who can adore and shower her with love and attention.

She is currently in foster with a crazy chicken lady and has shown no interest in these. She has however not been cat tested.

She is an absolute pleasure in the home showing no signs of being destructive, and has shown no signs of any separation anxiety. However, we wouldn’t like her to be left for long periods on her own. She currently sleeps down stairs with the other dogs with no issues. She has accepted using a crate but this is in the adventure wagon (dog van) with no problems. She currently shows no interest in toys, and it’s unclear if she has ever seen any which is so sad.

Honor nervously dribbles when traveling, but isn’t vocal and doesn’t pace. She is nervous at the Vets but trusts quickly and doesn’t show aggression. Walking on a lead is new to her, she definitely prefers a harness to a lead and collar and her education in this area will be ongoing.

Honor needs a home where she is walked regularly, getting to see other dogs for socialisation. She doesn’t necessarily need to live with another dog and if she does, she needs to be fed separately. She would like to switch off relax and not compete in a pack as this is how she has previously lived. She would like her humans to be around for most of the day. Honor is special and is such a sensitive soul that needs lots of loving and time to decompress.

Neutered female

Had 1st vaccination

Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Honour is on foster in Marlow

She will come with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance