6 February 2021

Coco ****RESERVED****

By FOAW staff
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Resident dog preferably female

Dog savvy children 12 and over

Loves his walks

Coco is a 3 year old little puggle who is very active and enjoys the company of people and other dogs that live in the home. He enjoys a cuddle and loves to place his face between your hands looking up in a way that melts your heart. He’s a clever boy and since being in foster he has learnt to sit and give paw. He will sneeze in the most adorable way instead of barking for attention.

Coco is a little shy around strangers but has settled well with his foster mum, he will bark when someone comes into the home, but once they have shown him attention he stops and becomes very affectionate even seeking out attention. He Loves to go for walks but will bark at other dogs and people. This is a work in progress and he is very quick to learn and with consistency he will understand. Coco hasn’t been off lead due to working on his recall but will follow the other dogs. He has been in a few different homes in his short life so needs a new start where his owners will be consistent in his training.

Coco barks at other dogs when out, but being the clever boy that he is, he will soon learn not to with positive reinforcement. He has some separation anxiety when he first arrived in foster but this is being worked on and the time left being built up gradually.

Coco’s house training is a work in progress but is getting better every day. He sleeps in a soft dog bed by the side of his foster mums’ bed and settles well. He so wants to please his human and in the morning he taps you gentle with his paw and if you lift the quilt he will jump up and snuggle in to bed. He is not crate trained.

Coco is a very active boy and is learning to play which is sad as he is 3 and should have had so much play time by now. In the short time he has been in foster he has learned to run with the others and now had a good zoomie. He hasn’t shown any interest in toys yet but is starting to eye up a ball. We are confident given time and the right home he will flourish and be the dog he was always meant to be.

Coco is a work in progress but is so clever that with time and patience he will be the perfect little companion He eats well and will sits for treats and is gentle in taking them from your hand, He isn’t aggressive over food or toys.

Coco is an active boy with lots of love to give. He needs time and patience to settle in a new home with owners who will give him the time he needs. He is very clever and responds to positive reward so will learn quickly. Coco would do well with teenage children and would like to live with another dog, preferably female for company and to help with training. This sweet little boy has responded so quickly to love and attention and will do well in the right home


Not cat or small furry tested

Microchipped and up to date with flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance