2 January 2024

Hocus *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma

Hocus D2023-138

  • Needs a resident dog
  • Older dog savvy children
  • Patient home

Hocus the Bichon is estimated to be around 8 years old and is described by her foster mum as a proper little homebody who would be quite happy to stay on the sofa all day cuddled up to you or in her bed dreaming of being the next Crufts champion.

She is a beautiful lady who is a little set in her ways. She loves her food and is happy to clean any other dogs plates. She is quite happy being left with another dog when her human slave is doing chores or shopping but gets stressed if left on her own with no company. She will follow you out into the garden if the weather is good but if it’s raining you can go on your own.

She is a bit deaf which makes her fearful outside but as a bonus when she’s asleep she’s asleep so you can do your drum practice without fear of waking her up.

Hocus wants to be centre of attention and will make sure she is the one closest to you. She will drape herself all over you if allowed but will also settle in her own space after sufficient cuddles. She can be cheeky but is a very ladylike gentle dog. Despite this she will stand up for herself if need be with newcomers.

Hocus is fine with other dogs and can be rehomed with older dog savvy children.

She doesn’t currently play with toys but does enjoy treats in a snuffle mat.

She loves having her harness on and walks nicely but doesn’t really enjoy it she is always looking around her which maybe due to her hearing issues.

She currently sleeps downstairs on the sofa but has also been on foster mums bed.

She is house trained but you need to keep on top of it making sure she goes outside regularly.

She is greedy with her food and will eat hers and others. We recommend she has a slow feeder in her forever home.

Hocus needs a quiet home with another dog and patient humans who will help her adjust to being a pet.


Vaccinated, Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer.

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered in Newport