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Harry D2021-46




Harry is a 11 year old small Yorkshire terrier with a sweet natured that loves everyone he meets. He has a cute look where his little tongue hangs out the side of his mouth due to having all his decayed teeth removed. He loves to sleep with his head on the arm of the sofa or chair and you can hear little contented snores. He likes to lay out in the garden in the sun watching the world go quietly by.

Harry absolutely loves his human and loves nothing better than climbing on their lap for a cuddle, with his head laying against them happily as long as his slave rubs his little belly. He will tap you with his paw if you stop as he hasn’t given you HIS permission to STOP.

Harry was very over weight when he came in and has lost quite a bit but will need to have his food weighed and monitored until he’s a desirable weight for his little size.

Harry loves humans and thinks everyone has come to see him and will happily yap away at them as if he’s talking. Everyone that has met him out and about falls in love with him as he has the most friendly little face. He is a little unsure of being groomed but just sits quietly and doesn’t cause a fuss. He has no problem being touched and loves the attention.

Harry has only seen children in the Park but not up close and yaps with excitement causing them to be a little wary of him. Due to Harry’s small size he would need children that wouldn’t treat him as a toy and will be gentle whilst interacting with him. Visiting children that are used to dogs would be preferable and know to give a dog space as Harry has never lived with children and needs a quiet calm home. Harry knows nothing of balls or toys so wouldn’t be a playful dog that way.

Harry loves all dogs although again he yaps when out so can give the wrong impression. He would like another dog in the home for company on walks and when being left in the house. He could possibly be an only dog as long as his owner was home most of the day to keep him company as he’s never lived without other dogs.

Harry lives with a dog savvy cat in his foster home and has had no issues. He’s not met other small furries.

Harry will have the odd lazy accident in the house and he sometimes needs encouragement for him to use the garden until he gets used to your home and the way outside. He sleeps in a bed at the side of his foster mums bed quite happily and soundly. He is not destructive and sadly doesn’t seem too know anything about toys or a ball.

He loves his food with a passion and as said will need monitoring to keep his weight down, he has no teeth so needs soft food to eat and definitely not human food.

Harry will hear his lead and harness coming out of the cupboard and will run happily wiggling his little body whilst yapping very loudly with excitement for his walk.The yapping will continue for some time as he’s so happy to be out meeting everyone, especially as he thinks they will all stop and talk to him as after all he’s a very special boy so why wouldn’t they stop for a chat. Everyone always comments on how happy he looks as he has a very smiley face.

Harry travels in a crate in the car as he’s a bit unsure. He’s happy enough at the vets and is no problem at all with them handling him.

Harry would like a quiet home as he is an older boy and likes his naps through out the day. He would need his human to be home for most of the day as he likes company. This would be essential if he’s the only dog in the house as he’s always lived with other dogs. Harry has never lived with children and would prefer a quiet calm home for his age.

Harry would like a few short walks a day which will also help with keeping his weigh down. If you want a sweet loving companion dog then Harry is your boy an absolute delightful little dog who is always happy and doesn’t stop wagging his tail.

Neutered Male

Vaccinated, microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in the Barry area of South Wales

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance