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Biggles D2021-48






Biggles is a small but lively 14 year old. Don’t be put off by his age as he’s full of life and a real character. Once bonded he loves his human and likes to follow them around and watch what they are doing especially if it has anything to do with food.
When Biggles is hungry, he will give you a nose nudge to tell you he wants food and will then follow you to the kitchen and if you aren’t quick enough for his liking, he will do a little dance and stamp one of his front legs as if to say “come on hurry up slave”

The best part of his day is after going for a walk cuddling with his human on the sofa, he’s not really a lap dog but loves laying next to you to have a snooze. Once he gets to know you and knows that he’s safe he will climb on your lap and snooze so be patient and let him go at his pace and you’ll have a lovely, sweet little dog with character who loves your company.

Although not confirmed I would say Biggles has some hearing loss due to his age and doesn’t always hear when you are behind him unless you touch him to let him know your there but he has heard loud noises and been startled by this.

Biggles can be a bit lively if he doesn’t want to be picked up, we think this is because he is small and unsure of being handled. He can growl and turns his head, but if you talk to him and reassure him he calms down. He’s fine being washes by his human, and is getting used to being brushed as long as it is done slowly and at his pace. If taken to be groomed they would need to be made aware of his behaviours.

Biggles hasn’t been around children apart from seeing them in the park from a distance. He would need a home with preferably no children or visiting children Over 16 due to his gutsy nature.

Cannot be rehomed with a cat or other small animal. He could be an only dog who has his human for company throughout the day but also could be homed with another confident dog of the same size but not a very young dog.

Biggles will need encouragement to get used to going out into the garden in a new home. He only uses a crate when travelling in the car. He knows nothing of playing with toys and is not sure what they are. He likes his food but doesn’t like to share with anyone and will snap if another dog comes near. This is being managed in his foster home by feeding him in a separate room.

Biggles hasn’t been left for more than a few hours and has been in the company of other dogs. He likes to watch through the windows and bark if anyone is passing in case they dare think of coming anywhere near his human. If you don’t mind sharing your sofa or bed with a dog then Biggles is your boy. Beds on the floor aren’t for Biggles as he wants to cwtch next to his human. He will expect to be allowed to sleep next to you on your bed and will sometime paw at you and the bedding as he likes to crawl under the covers, but soon gets hot so crawls back out.

Although Biggles wants to go on a walk he can be quite anxious putting on his harness, but once on he trots off quite confidently. He doesn’t need long walks and you will know when he wants to go back home as he will pull a little as if to say let’s go home now. He doesn’t approach dogs out on walks as he can be nervous of them and people so is happy to just potter along minding his own business.

He is quiet travelling in a crate in the car but I wouldn’t say he enjoys it. He is quite nervous at the vets but will sit on his humans lap anxiously waiting. Vets will need to be told that he needs to be handled with care.

Biggles would like a home where someone can offer him the reassurance and the protection he so aches for. He needs his human to have a quiet home and be home most of the day as he craves their company. He would like a nice secure garden where he can chill and relax as being an older boy he does like to sleep. He would like to be taken on a few short walks a day but is happy to avoid any rain as he doesn’t like to get his hair wet.

Neutered male

Vaccinated, microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in the Barry area of South Wales

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance.