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D2020-021 & D2020-23

Name: Gracie & Morgan.

Age: Gracie 8yrs and Morgan 3.5 yrs.

Breed: West Highland White Terrier

Fostered in: Bracknell


Health Issues: Neither have any ongoing health issues.

Gracie and Morgan are a bonded pair and although different in character are very much dependent on each other. Gracie is the quieter of the two with the sweetest nature, she is still pretty timid and hand shy, but is happy to climb up on your lap and be stroked while there. As a more mature lady she likes nothing better than to snooze on the sofa or armchair, she maybe a little hard of hearing but tends to hear the food bin being opened ok and will let you know if you’re taking too long preparing her meal. Morgan is the cheeky one and is the clown of the outfit keeping you entertained with his antics. He can be timid when meeting you for the first time but once he know you is the bolder of the two and loves nothing better than a game of ball or a tummy tickle, he’s a real bundle of furry fun.

People: Both tend to get a little stressed when you groom them, but this is down to being picked up rather than the groom itself. They will need an understanding family who are happy to let them grow emotionally at their own pace.

Can live with children: They have not been tested, but we are looking for an adult only home for these two lovelies

Can live with cats: Not tested, but as they are Terriers, I would say no small furries.

Can live with other dogs: Gracie doesn’t seem to be worried about any dogs in or out of the home, although she has been known to give a visiting dog a hard stare if they want to sit on foster mum’s knee while she’s sat there. Morgan finds large boisterous dogs scary in or out of the house and can be a bit territorial inside the home. This pair really need to be the only dogs of the house

In the home: Both are pretty much there with house training, we occasionally have the odd accident when left for a length of time. They sleep in the hallway and kitchen now, preferring to cuddle up into one bed. Neither seem to be destructive but will chew the odd toy, so probably a good idea not to leave your best shoes laying around. They have been known to bicker over the odd toy, but foster mum tends to remove the toy and the bickering is short lived. Neither have shown any food aggression towards each other and they are happy to be left alone for up to 4 hours

Out and about: Both travels well in a crate in the car but are not keen to get in. Morgan is more excited about going on a walk and loves it when he gets going but is still very weary of the big wide world. Gracie would prefer the sofa to a walk but is a work in progress. Gracie is not bothered by the vet, just strangers but is most definitely better than Morgan who is really worried at the vet, neither have been aggressive towards the vet.

Type of home: This bonded pair would preferably need a quiet adult only home with no other dogs, where they can be lavished with love and attention.

Both Gracie and Morgan and fully vaccinated, neutered and up to date with flea and worming treatment.

Due to Covid19 lock down restrictions, we are only accepting local re homing applications

We come with five weeks free Agria Pet Insurance.

Potential adopters are expected to travel to Bracknell to meet them.