21 October 2020

Ginger -****ADOPTED***

By FOAW staff

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Resident calm dog

Sensible children over 10

Ginger is a 4 year old Cocker Spaniel who was a puppy farm ex-breeding girl. She is a very loving little girl and a real princess that loves human attention. She would be happy to sit and cuddle with you all day long.

When ginger arrived at her foster home, she was very unsure of humans, and would back away if approached. Over time and with watching and learning from the other dogs in the house, ginger has realised that humans are good and she now follows her foster mum everywhere. One of her favourite things is to cuddled up next to her foster mum and will often be caught staring at her longingly.

Ginger is unsure around very young, loud or boisterous children and will run for cover. She has been with the 11 year old very dog savvy small human in the house.

Ginger copies a lot from the other dogs in her foster home and will snuggle up to them when there’s no human to snuggle up to, but once bonded with her forever person she will choose her human every time. She can sometimes get stroppy and growl if the other dogs try to get close to her human but a watchful eye and a firm” no” stops this behaviour instantly. Princess ginger is slowly learning to share.

She has not been tested around cats or small furries.

Ginger’s toilet training is a work in progress she will go outside in the garden but at times she forgets. She used a crate when she first arrived but prefers the sofa now that she knows what one is. She sleeps on her foster mums’ bed at night, all night with no accidents. If left downstairs she gets quite upset and makes a lot of noise. As ginger has not previously lived in a home environment anything lying around that she thinks is a toy such as socks, pens and her toys will be chewed. Ginger eats well and will try to steal the other dog’s food if not watched. She shows no aggression just pushes her way in, if she cannot be watched at feeding time she would be best separated as no one likes a fat princess. She is not happy to be left at first but soon settles and is fine being left for a few hours with her foster buddies.

Ginger hasn’t totally learnt to walk on a lead yet and be comfortable with the outside world so she will need her new home to have lots of patience to help her achieve this.

Ginger needs a home with at least one other resident dog to learn that walking outside is full of wonderful sniffs and nice things to roll in. She would like a dog that is going to be happy that she wants to be the centre of her humans world and not feel threatened by this as she learns to share. Given time, patience and encouragement Ginger will become the Princess that we all know is just waiting to burst out.

Resident calm dog

Children over 10 that will give her the space to grow and blossom

Toilet training is ongoing

Microchipped, Vaccinated and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in South Wales

Ginger comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet Insurance