20 October 2020


By FOAW staff
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Only Dog

No Children

Fostered in:Crewe

Poppy is a tiny chihuahua cross who is a waggy tailed meerkat when she knows you, she is
always happy to curl up on your lap and is a little shadow that follows you
everywhere. Poppy is an extremely nervous little dog when she firsts meets you
and so needs an understanding owner that will work with Poppy to develop trust
and the bond with her. Once she has made that bond, she is the happiest dog to
see you and wants to be wherever you are. Poppy loves dancing on her back legs
to get attention and is such a fun little dog when she trusts you.

Poppy is nervous of strangers initially and will bark when she’s unsure but once she
knows you she is happy being touched and groomed but needs an owner that isn’t
going to put pressure on her especially to start with. Poppy needs time to
trust new people and may always be wary of people she does not see often

Due to poppy’s nervous nature she cannot he homed with children and ideally wouldn’t have
visiting children to the home unless a separate area was made for poppy as she
had had bad experiences with children in the past and is very wary of them.

Poppy currently lives with a cat with no problems

Poppy is not destructive at all, she does suffer from separation stress which is improving
in her foster home now that she’s settled, but any prospective home needs to be
patient as this may come back when she moves to unfamiliar surroundings. Poppy currently
sleeps upstairs as she is very attached to whoever she trusts. Poppy does not
really play with toys but is a fun dog who will play with people and is very
food orientated so is quick to learn tricks and play food games. Poppy will
bark at unfamiliar noises this is due to her insecurities, but this is also
settling in her foster home as she gets used to everything.

Poppy walks well on a lead and loves going out travelling to and new places for good
walkies is always welcomed. Poppy is very nervous at the vets and will need
careful handling and positive encouragement.

Poppy needs a home that is experienced with nervous small breeds dogs, chihuahua experience
preferably but more important is a patient home that will work with poppy to
overcome her fears and realise that new people aren’t scary. She is the most
loving dog when she trusts you and behind her nervous behaviours, she is the
most wonderful companion. She needs someone that is going to make her the focus
in their lives and allow her to be their shadow until she is confident enough
to spend time in her own company.

Poppy is a very small dog but needs someone with a very big heart to work with her to see
the wonderful dog that her foster mum gets to see now and not be put off by her
initial reaction to people she doesn’t know. Poppy will make such a lovely
companion for an adult home and for people home most of the day.


Home with no children and owners around most of the day

No resident dogs but is fine with cats

Microchipped, Vaccinated and up to date with her flea and worming

Potential adopters would be expected to travel to Crewe to meet her.

Poppy come with five weeks free Argia Pet insurance.