8 September 2020

Freddie ***ADOPTED****

By FOAW staff
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Freddie is a 1.5 to 2 year old neutered male pointer that requires a special home. You see gorgeous boy Freddie has been diagnosed with Epilepsy! But let’s not feel sad or put off by this as he’s on medication and it is under control. Freddie is a very happy and gentle boy. He’s like any other dog loves his walks, his bed and his sleep. He loves his toys and loves nothing better than throwing his rope toys or ball around and is quite happy entertaining himself and his foster mum with his antics. At the end of the day he’s happy to take himself off to bed where he is out for the count. His foster mum says he’s a little poppet, he not a needy pointer, he’s more independent than his namesake and more like a lab or beagle in his temperament. Freddie loves his foster sister Mabel and often grooms her. However, he does require more socialising with male dogs therefore, a home with another bitch or on his own is preferred. He can be a little wary of new people and looks for support and comfort from his human. He’s a special boy who needs an understanding home who has the time to keep him in his routine for his medication which currently costs around £50 a month

Neutered male 1.5-2 years old

Good with female dogs needs more socialising with males

No cats

Active adult only home or home with older children

Has Epilepsy with meds costing around £50 a month (There are options with this)

Adopters would be expected to travel to Warwickshire to meet Freddie