10 September 2020

Barack ***ADOPTED***

By FOAW staff
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Barack is a very handsome 18 month old French Bulldog with buckets of character. He is a love bug who craves adult attention and/or food! He has been in foster now for a few weeks and has grown in confidence and has turned into a  playful pup who loves snuggles on the sofa. He’s is going to bring so much love and happiness to the right home.

Barack came to foster after an operation to remove an obstruction (a fluffy toy) from his stomach. He was very underweight due to bad diarrhoea which is now under control from having a strict hypo allergenic diet. He is very food led which is useful for training and he has put on over a kg in 3 weeks.

Barack loves people and will look for attention. He loves cuddles on the sofa but also likes time on his own. He’s happy to be bathed and brushed. He’s very loving and will be easily trained as he is very food led. Barack is however very wary around children and will not be homed with children as he cannot cope in their company.

Barack would be better suited as an only dog as he needs further socialisation. He has shown interest in other dogs but has also been anti social to other dogs when out on walks so a French Bulldog savvy home would be preferred. Someone who knows the characteristics of the breed and can help him make doggo friends. Cats are not advised as he likes to chase them.

Barack wasn’t house trained when he arrived in foster but has quickly learned to go out in the garden to toilet and when on walks. He is not fully house trained yet but tends to use puppy pads if he can’t get outside in time.
He sleeps in a crate at night and after a couple of nights crying, he now settles as soon as the light goes out.
Barack destroys all his toys but the solid plastic bones keep him busy! He doesn’t know how to fetch yet but we’re still trying!
He has been left for a few hours at a time in my kitchen and has been fine after initial crying.

Due to Barack’s nature new owners must continue to work on his behaviour around food as he does like to wolf it down so is currently having 4 small portions a day.

Barack walks well on a lead when there are no distractions. He tends to pull on walks in busy places where there are lots of dogs.  He travels well in the car when on the front seat or in the back with company!

Barack is a playful pup who deserves a home where his human can give him lots of attention and continue his training. He is a quick learner and responds well to treats (his food). Barack needs patience and clear boundaries. He is very loving and affectionate and loves to cuddle up on the sofa. He enjoys his twice daily walks and would suit an active family.

Neutered male

Only dog no cats

No children and few visiting children

French Bulldog savvy home who will continue his training.

He has had his first vaccination and is chipped and up to date flea and wormer.

Barack will come with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance