14 September 2020

Florence Nightingale ****ADOPTED****

By FOAW staff
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Florence Nightingale

Florence is a very gentle 2.5 year old cockerpoo girl who loves to cuddle up next to her human on the sofa. Flo will lay her paw on your lap, place her head on her paw and gaze lovingly at you. She is a quiet girl who is still a little nervous of loud noises and strangers but will go up and give them a friendly sniff. Loves attention and likes to follow you around like a shadow. She often pushes her head into your hand if you are fussing another dog as if to say “don’t forget me”. She is clearly making up for any attention she has missed out on before coming into rescue. She’s very easy going and is taking everything in her stride, learning life is good living in a home with kind humans.

Flo has only met one child that is very dog savvy and knows not to make contact unless the dog seeks it. After initially being nervous she was interested enough to go up for a sniff and be smoothed. Flo would prefer children to be aged 8 and upward that understand that nervous dogs need time to settle and trust.

Flo would be better with another dog as she likes to cuddle up for reassurance and comfort. She has not had any problems with the dogs in her foster home. She is also in foster with a cat and has not shown any interest in him. She hasn’t met any other small animals.

Flo is very well behaved in the house and toilet training is on-going. She will use a puppy pad but still has a few accidents now and again but this is going in the right direction. Flo doesn’t use a crate except when she travels in the car. She sleeps either on her foster mums’ bed or on a dog bed next to the bed as she likes to be near to her human.
Flo currently has no interest in toys and relies on the foster dog in her house for confidence. She hasn’t yet been for walks as she awaits her second vaccination. Flo has a skin condition that will be discussed with any potential homes

Florence would suit a home with another dog for company and confidence. Flo may well be an active dog when she gains more confidence in her surroundings as she loves to trot around the garden and sniff at everything that is so new to her.

Flo loves company so would benefit from having someone home for a good amount of the day and a quiet home with not a lot of noise, as she is a little jumpy at the moment but this is improving. Flo would like her forever humans to give her a lot of attention when settled and be allowed to cuddle on the sofa. Potential adopters need to be aware that Flo is a little bit magical and one look into her lovely face and everyone will instantly fall in love with her and her gentle personality.

2.5 Yrs old Neutered Female

Quiet home with owners at home most of the time

Needs another dog for company and is fine with cats.

Children over 8 who are aware that Flo will need time to settle and not be crowded.

She has had her 1st vaccination is microchipped and up to date flea and wormer.

Florence also comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance.