14 June 2020

Evie & Lily – Perfect Forever Home found

By FOAW staff
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Oh goodness, how gorgeous are these two young ladies?  Meet Lily and Evie – Lily is the darker one of the pair.  

Foster Mum tells us that they are such best friends, so loving and always cuddling up or grooming each other.  They have the best time chasing a ball with treats in and generally like toys (and treats!). Being girls, they are naturally inquisitive (some would say nosy!) – always coming to greet everyone and check what’s going on – and they are both happy to be stroked.

They are still young, just over a year old, and had the worse possible start in life – living full time in a small cage – archetypal heartbreaking story of rabbits bought for children at Easter, kids got bored, so parents wanting them gone ASAP with the threat of giving them to a ‘friend’ who wanted to breed from them. 

Now they are ready to find their perfect forever home together with lots of space to run and binky and simply have fun just being rabbits, where they will be loved every minute of every day and will forget the miserable, cruel start they had in life.

Evie and Lily are fully vaccinated and spayed.  They are great hay eaters, loving food generally, and are getting there with litter training.

If you think you have the loving home to give these two bonded beauties the forever home they deserve, please fill in the adoption link below:

Adoption Form