14 June 2020

Rosie & Thumper – Happy in forever home

By FOAW staff
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This gorgeous bonded pair was surrendered to a Vets practice just before Christmas, no longer wanted. One of the fabulous receptionists there was kind enough to take them in and foster them.

Rosie is about a year old, a female lionhead cross. She is definitely the boss of the two, in fact she likes to think she is the head of the whole household! She’s very cheeky and doesn’t usually take no for an answer! She can be affectionate and will come up offering nudges, which will occasionally be followed up with a friendly lick. She doesn’t like to be picked up, but is happy to sit on a comfy lap for a stroke once she gets to know you. She loves snuggling in a throw or playing in a cardboard box.

Thumper is slightly younger than Rosie, a male lop. He is still very shy and it’s taken a while for Foster Mum to gain his trust but he is now happy to be hand fed. He’ll sometimes give her a gentle nudge or perhaps even a casual chew of your clothing, but he really doesn’t like to be touched and hates to be picked. up. Hopefully with more time and lots of patience in his forever home, he will start to accept that having a stroke from his favourite humans is actually very nice. His favourite thing to do is cuddle up with Rosie – she makes him feel safe. He likes a nice quiet space to hide himself away when he feels the need of some peace so he’d appreciate plenty of boxes to relax in. He is a gentle boy though and Foster Mum is sure he will gain in confidence. He is really starting to ‘find his paws’ in his foster home and will happily play in the living room with Rosie or Bella the Beagle – he’s pretty good at showing off doing binkies around the house too!

Rosie and Thumper are fully vaccinated and neutered. They are healthy and are getting more relaxed by the day – but it is going to take time and patience to get them fully used to their forever home. As you can see from the photos, they are happy to tolerate – even like – dogs (although rabbits should never be left unsupervised with any dog).

If you think you are able to give these two beautiful bonded bunnies the forever home they deserve, please fill in the adoption link below:

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