27 October 2022

Esmeralda *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Esmeralda D2022- 134

Can you help a frightened soul navigate her way into this brave new world she has entered?

Esme is a 5yr old miniature schnauzer, who has been used and abused as a breeding dog for all of her short life. She has not known human kindness, and is therefore frightened by most interaction and finds it difficult to trust people. She does however adore other dogs, and loves to be with her foster sisters. She is feisty with other dogs, and can even be bossy – all typical traits of a schnauzer – we need to see this same feistiness when she is around humans! We will need the right person to help her personality shine through as their bond begins to grow – this could take several months.

Esme is not a dog suitable for a busy household with multiple occupants. She need a quiet home, with few visitors and absolutely no children. Children move quickly and are unpredictable; Esme is too scared to cope with that, and she could bite if startled. Esme needs a really calm home, where her humans will respect her initial need for space. She is intrigued by how the other dogs in the house seek out human contact – and sometimes she will come for stroking. Given plenty of time and the freedom to choose when she interacts, we believe she will adapt into a loyal companion. She is a dog desperate to be loved.

At the moment, because Esme is scared, she paces and pants quite a lot. This is a sign of stress so it’s important that her new owners are aware of this, and just allow her to slowly adjust. Loud household noises scare her – normal noises to us, but to her they are scary and she will bark. If you move too quickly she will bark and run at you – simply through fear; remember that humans haven’t been kind to her – but as she learns to trust and gains confidence, this behaviour will change. Carrying on as normal in the home, letting her decompress by watching and learning that nothing bad happens, is the best way to help her. She will come to you when she’s ready, until then give her space.

Esme sleeps downstairs with her foster sisters. She is mostly housetrained and will let her foster mum know if she needs to go out. At the moment she needs to go out twice during the night, this will settle as she adjusts to regular meal times and quality food. Esme will tolerate her harness being put on, but once a lead is attached and used to guide her, she freezes. This is work in progress, it will need practice in the garden and will improve over time. She is happy to go out and about in a buggy in the meantime, watching the world go by, but safe inside.

Esmeralda will need an experienced home to help her continue her journey at her own pace. She needs at least one, confident companion dog, but they need to be the right fight. She had to be feisty to survive in the puppy-farm, so will need love and patience to show her it’s ok and to let her guard down. She loves food and treats and will tell you when its dinner time. She is desperate to be loved and needs a very caring and understanding home. She needs a completely secure garden as she will figure out escape routes when she first comes into a new home. The need for baby gates is also recommended so she cannot run from room to room, a smaller area is better whilst a frightened dog adjusts.

Do you have time, patience and enough love to teach this beautiful dog that human contact can be joyful?

Please say yes to this darling dog who deserves so much better than what she has known so far. She is special – her new family must be too.


Vaccinated, Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in Cheshire

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance