27 April 2021

Eggnog, Phoebe(mum) and Sprout.

By Pauline

Phoebe came in before Christmas, she had already had two babies and was pregnant again. She gave birth to 5 babies on Christmas morning hence the festive names 🎅😁

She’s happily bonded with her daughters Eggnog and Sprout. She wouldn’t be able to be bonded with any other pigs because she is quite naughty and likes to tell them off! She’s very confident and loves a pea flake 🍃Eggnog and Sprout are double trouble, they spend most of their time together. They love their food and spend the majority of their days popcorning 🙂❤🙂

They are long-haired guinea pigs and will need regular grooming. You will be required to provide a run at least 9ft x2ft with plenty of hiding places and enrichment activities with time out of the run every day. To adopt these 3 beauties fill in the form below. The adoption fee is £60