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 Norman D2021-42





Norman is a 6 year old big handsome chunky westie boy. He is an ex-breeding stud dog who has not had a lot of socialisation and as a result is very nervous around people. Despite this he has a lovely docile nature and you can see beneath his fear lies a lovely loving sweet dog who just needs patience and time to help him come out of his shell.

Norman is quite fearful of humans and is hand shy. He stiffens if you pick him up and struggles to give eye contact. That said he is starting to respond well to his foster mum and follows her around and will nudge her leg for attention. He will let her tickle his ears and stroke him gently. He has met his foster mums’ son and daughter and will now come up to them to say hello.

He has met his foster mums’ small grandchild and was indifferent to them but it’s best if he is not rehomed with small children due to his nervous disposition.

Norman is living as an only dog at the moment but it’s become apparent that he needs the company of other dog(s) to help teach him how to enjoy life as a much loved family pet. He has met his foster mums children’s dogs a female Jack Russell and a male Staffie and responded well to both and played running around the garden with each of them when they visited. Norman will need to be rehomed with at least one other confident friendly dog.

Norman currently lives with four cats and has been fine with them even one that is particularly feisty! He loves the Siamese cat and they often sleep next to each other.

Norman sleeps in crate at night. He sleeps right through and will sometimes wake his foster mum with a little bark in the morning. He is fine to be left for short periods. He eats well and has no food aggression. He has never shown any aggression. He hasn’t learned how to play with toys yet and is not in the slightest bit destructive. Housetraining is a work in progress but Norman has only had a few accidents in the house. We think he likely lived outdoors as he is fine as long as the door to the garden is open.

Norman has not yet learned how to walk on lead so this will be something the adopter will have to work on and another reason he will need another dog to show him the ropes and help him gain his confidence. He travels well in a crate in the car and has been such a good boy at his vet treatments despite his fear.

Norman would need a home with a kind resident dog or dogs. A home with a garden is essential as Normans favourite thing to do is run around the garden and roll on the grass. Experience of rehoming shut down ex breeding dogs would be an advantage. Adopters need to have time and patience to work with this scared little boy to help him come out of his shell and become the dog he should’ve always been from day one. He is such a lovely dog he deserves the chance of a new life with a family willing to work gently with him and watch this sweet natured gentleman blossom into a wonderful companion.

Neutered Male

Microchipped, Vaccinated and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in South Wales

Norman comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance.