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Dotty is a charming, happy, energetic and loving 5 year old little Pug. She has an amazing zest for life and deserves a home with lots of activity, walks and fun. Dotty adores humans and loves nothing better than to cuddle up and be tickled. She will use her paw to tell you to continue if you dare to stop smoothing her.

Dotty can live with dog savvy children preferably 7 years or over.

Dotty will say hello to other dogs on walks but is far more interested in walking and smells than meeting new dogs. She lives with 2 other dogs in her foster home and loves to snuggle up and play. She lives with 3 dog savvy cats and is fine with them.

Dotty is completely housetrained. She sometimes uses an open crate to sleep in out of choice in the daytime and at night sleeps either in a bed next to foster mum or snuggled up on foster mums bed. Dotty hasn’t shown any interest in toys but loves to play with other dogs and humans. Dotty has a great appetite and though not food aggressive will try to finish off the other dogs and cats food if given a chance, so care must be taken not to allow her to overeat. Dotty has been left with the other dogs for up to 3 hours at a time and was fine.

Dotty has a half hour walk in the morning before breakfast and an hour walk in the evening before dinner. She is a joy on walks, she has loads of energy and gets very excited before and after her walks. She needs time to calm down after walks before her meals so sometimes goes in the crate for half an hour to settle. Dotty travels in a crate in the car and will settle quickly and is well behaved at the vet.

Dotty deserves a home where there are humans around for most of the day but is fine to be left for a few hours as long as she has other doggy company and a walk before and after to burn off excess energy. Dotty can live with or without children, she has never shown any aggressiveness to humans or dogs or cats. Dotty is an extremely loving girl, who wants to cuddle and kiss and follow her humans around. Her new home must be prepared to give lots of cuddles and playtime every day to this gorgeous girl.

Neutered female

Active home with children over 7

Resident Dog

Good with dog savvy cats

Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Has had her first vaccination

Dotty comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance