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Resident calm Dog

Secure Garden

Children 10 and over

Quiet Home

Candy is a happy 5 year old cocker spaniel girl who always greets you with a waggy tail. She loves to come to you for gentle fusses. She has been in her foster home for a little while now and they are starting to see glimpses of the playful dog she will hopefully become. She is currently enjoying pinching items you’ve dropped and running off with it. Her favourite items at the moment are socks or spoons. She loves her food, particularly ham or chicken treats.

Candy has spent a lot of years on a puppy farm so is understandably a little nervous of humans who move towards her quickly but is more than happy to approach you for a fuss. She would be frightened of noisy children running around or shouting but gentle calm children would be fine in her new home. Candy needs at least one gentle dog in her new home to show her how to be a pet. She has not been tested with cats or smaller furries but may be fine with sensible introductions.

Candy is a very easy dog to have in the home, she’s very quiet but there are glimpses of her personality starting to show. She loves her bed but as yet hasn’t tried to get on the sofa. She’s virtually there with toilet training as long as she has regular access to a garden. She’s happy to be left for a few hours as long as she’s with another dog. If you drop something on the floor she will come to investigate and then run off with her new found treasure.

Candy needs more practise at lead walking. She’s happy to trot around a field or somewhere quiet with another dog or to have a good sniff but it’s currently just getting her used to the lead rather than going for a long walk

Candy would like a quiet home with at least one other dog. A garden to potter around in and a comfy bed to sleep on. Gentle cuddles and some tasty treats are a must for this beautiful girl.

Neutered female

Calm quiet home with someone around most of the day

Resident calm dog and a secure garden

Patient new family who will help her adjust

Children 10 and over

Candy is microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

She has had her first Vaccination.

Candy comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance